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  • Jack And Ralph Analysis

    Both Ralph and Jack symbolize two different types of government leaders. Ralph shares his ideas and thoughts with the boys and whenever a task needs to be done he shares the responsibility of the task with the other boys. Not only does Jack share his ideas with the boys but he also shows them the way he wants it to be done. He takes control when showing the boys how to hunt and he dictates to the boys their orders. In the book, Jack continues to lead by example whenever he is doing something. One of the biggest ways Jack leads by example is through hunting. Unlike Ralph, who just explains to the boys what they should do like go up the mountain to watch the fire, Jack goes with them to show them how it should be done. Ralph could never bring himself to kill another living thing, but Jack can. Jack follows through with what he says he is going to do. When he first attempted to kill the pig he could not bring himself to do it. He promised the boys that “next time there would be no mercy” (29), and as he become obsessed with hunting and wanting to kill a pig, the next time he came into contact with the pig, he showed no mercy. When Jack hunts and makes a kill successfully, he continues to win the admiration of the boys. Because of the hunting and killing, he quickly is able to descend into savagery. Jack continues to over throw Ralph when it comes to winning over the boys. Everything that Ralph tells the boys, Jack is the person that always volunteers and helps them to complete…

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  • My Team-Personal Narrative

    Today is the day that my team and I had been working on all season. It’s competition day. Now this year I feel we have a good chance. We have been practicing non-stop from the sun up to sundown; there was no such thing as downtime. We had an awesome dance routine and one of the best crowd-pleasers around. But to top it off we had a killer stunt at the end that was sure enough going to win us first place. “Alright, ladies. It is time for everyone to get up and get dressed.” My coach said as…

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  • Hero's Journey In Pulp Fiction

    enter a world they know nothing about, the abyss that Jules is in the process of leaving behind. Instead of murdering them, Jules shows them just how violent and dangerous the abyss is, most likely scaring them away from it in the process. Travis Bickle, the hero of Taxi Driver, is called to adventure by his chronic insomnia. It is what leads him to apply for a job as a night time taxi driver, which also happens to be the first threshold. The taxi job is what helps show Bickle the grimy, dark…

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  • Lower Onion Creek Flood Analysis

    Due to the flooding in Lower Onion Creek, Eric Rangel, 17, had to drop out of school due to the financial burden that flooding has imposed on his family. The Lower Onion Creek area flooded twice, once on October 31, 2013, and October 30, 2015. Many Lower Onion Creek residents are living in condemned homes five months after the latest flood. Eric Rangel said after the floods, the city condemned his home. His home was no longer inhabitable, and his family had to seek other shelter options.…

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  • Nancy Lou Webster: A Short Story

    Elgin history spotlight – Nancy Lou Webster This is the story of longtime Elgin resident/artist Nancy Lou Webster and her 1935 Straight 8 Buick Coupe with suicide doors named “Katie.” The story begins with Nancy Lou as a teen in Oxford, Mississippi. “Miss Kate Skipwith was a philanthropist who lived on Main Street in Oxford, Mississippi. She wanted a car so she ordered a new car to be shipped by rail to her. A 1935 Buick Series 40 Coupe. It arrived by rail in Oxford with five miles on the…

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  • William Travis Accomplishments

    soldier and a heroic Texas commander of the battle of the Alamo was William Travis. Even though he might be remember mainly under the command of the Alamo he achieve other important roles at early age. Being a thought since a kid, Williams grew to become a lawyer and in later years a leader to rebellions, in due time receiving the post of commander for a significant battle. Williams helped and meet people through his life and make several achievements for the Texas Revolution. Unfortunately,…

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