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  • Ww1 Propaganda Poster Analysis

    drafted or pressured into volunteering to protect the country. Many propaganda posters at this time were emerging to get more men to enlist. Harry Hoops created one of the most capturing propaganda poster of the time titled Destroy this Mad Brute Enlist. The image depicts a large gorilla stomping onto shore, holding a bloody club in one hand and a half naked women it the other, while in the background there is a view of a city in ruin and smoke. This image depicted Germany as powerful and destructive, causing fear to arise in America. When analyzing this image, we can first see two large pieces of text on the bottom and top, written in the color orange. The top text says “ destroy this mad brute, and the bottom text says “enlist. In the center of the picture we can see a gorilla holding a club in his left hand and a half naked women in his right hand. The gorillas club has black writing on it saying “ kultur” and is wearing a helmet that say “ militarism on it. The gorilla appears to be very aggressive…

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  • Analysis Of The Propaganda Poster

    The propaganda poster “KEEP THESE HANDS OFF! BUY the New VICTORY BONDS” was produced by G. K. Odell for the purpose of use as a tool to fund Canada in the war during World War Two. This essay will take a look at the critical analyze of the poster that a historian has to think about. This includes the political, social, racial, and economic climate; raise whether or not these issues have influenced the way that this document is perceived on a psychological factor; what tone the document takes;…

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  • Propaganda Posters In World War II

    Propaganda Posters in World War II Propaganda posters were used to show people the bad and good times of war. The posters showed messages the government was trying to get out to the people. In World War II, posters were used for wartime propaganda. The government used propaganda posters to get out a message to the people to support the war. Some of the people can not read the words because people spoke different languages. Also some people could just read. It was just mainly pictures and not…

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  • World War 2 Propaganda Poster Analysis

    a series of posters, the British government utilized a variety of persuasive techniques to convince people to join the war effort. The World War II propaganda used bright colors, a clear concise message, and eye-catching images to get their message understood. The first propaganda poster is constructed to associate factory workmanship with the danger of the front lines with a strong central image.The second propaganda poster features a female factory worker and is designed to convince women to…

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  • Propaganda Poster Analysis

    Before World War II began, anti-semitic propaganda posters circulated throughout Europe. The Nazis tried to reunite the German people scattered about eastern Europe from World War I, but they only wanted to reunite a specific kind of German people. The purpose of the posters was to show who they were not trying to reunite with -- German Jews. “Сатана скинув маску!” displays an image of Joseph Stalin taking off his mask. It is then revealed that he is the devil with the Star of David on his…

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  • Fidel Castro Propaganda Poster

    Propaganda project As one is walking through an outdoor market your eye is drawn to a colorful poster. It is a sunny day in the poster, with beautiful azure, calm, waters and a white sandy beach. There are a populist of people on the beach. To the eye of the beholder, you would purchase this poster for the right price, frame the poster, and hang it in a family room. It would not enter your mind that this is a propaganda poster used to give hope for a better life for men, women, and children.…

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  • Allied Propaganda Poster Analysis

    During World War II, every nation used propaganda posters to encourage support and participation by its citizens. The Allies created many types of propaganda to encourage citizens to purchase war bonds, to join in the conservation efforts, and for women to fill the critical jobs on the home-front while the men were serving on the front lines. Allied propaganda also served the purpose of boosting public morale when it looked like the Axis might win the war. The most infamous propaganda of the…

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  • Crack The Axis Propaganda Poster Analysis

    1920s to 1930s probably have experienced World War II. They might have more information that books, televisions and journals are telling the public. In today’s era, all the news and information we received is either edited or incomplete. Before they release something to the media or publicize an information it’s either edited or some information are left out depending on the sources own interests. Crack the Axis propaganda poster is an effective visual rhetoric poster however it shows false…

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  • El Lissitzky Propaganda Poster Analysis

    In 1919, El Lissitzky would create one of his most successful propaganda posters. Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge was a major breakthrough that showcases El Lissitzky’s new ideas on constructivism. This poster was produced in the same year that Lissitzky would paint his first Proun. He had a fascination with type that led him to the idea of combining the geometry of the Proun with typography. (6. Pg.254) However, it’s important to note that this work is actually not considered to be, or…

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  • Join The Marines Propaganda Poster Analysis

    had to make a propaganda poster about the military. We decided that we wanted to design a poster that included symbols and other words connecting to fighting for your own country. When we were trying to come up with a theme we thought about the Marines. For the people seeing this poster, we wanted them to join the military/Marines and tell others so it could be a chain. Some images provided was one of them being an American flag. We chose this because we used the military in our poster and…

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