The Importance Of Multilateralism In Asia

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As the world’s prime power, the United States’ effect is felt all over the globe. Asia is no exception. From Philippines to China, America plays a critical part in the safekeeping of the region – including its political and economic affairs. Moreover, it serves as a vital cog in the power dynamics of the region and its collaboration is crucial in providing for the varied cross-border challenges in Asia.

In this day and age, no region has more potential for growth and development – especially in the economic sector – than the Asian region. Asia produces half of both global economic output and global trade as it houses above half of the world’s population (International Monetary Fund, 2015). In fact even in the United States, “the highest-income,
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The leaders from the ‘land of stars and stripes’ may have already acknowledged the increasing need for further American engagement in the region’s multilateral frameworks since countries in Asia are determined to move forward with economic integration and improved political collaboration.

All in all, the economic, security, and political domes in Asia is undergoing yet another evolution. They deliver a timely reminder that any American policy for a new arrangement within the region will need to recognize and adjust to this reality. The evolution in Asia has given rise to a whole new set of competitive challenges for the United States, compelling it to embark on an economic conversion of its own. Success in the end will rest on on the country’s awareness of and sensitivity to the dynamics involved in preserving a wealthy, peaceful, and steady Asian

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