Global Issues Profile: Human Trafficking

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Global Issues Profile: Human Trafficking
There are more human slaves in the world today than ever before in history. Human trafficking is the most common form of modern slavery and a grave violation of human rights and is spread out from third-world to first-world countries. It’s a twenty-seven billion dollar plus industry that victimizes over 35 million people worldwide. Human trafficking is the act of illegal recruitment or transport by means of force, coercion, exploitation or other such tactics typically for forced labor or commercial sex purposes (UNODC). The problems associated with Human Trafficking include: organ trafficking, migrant smuggling, corruption, CSEC, and gender discrimination. Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery
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South Korea has created embassies to help victims of trafficking, a multilingual hotline for victims, and connected with schools to promote prevention efforts and increase awareness in their youth. South Korea also cooperates internationally to help identify and catch traffickers (UNODC).n US handles the issue well because we take extensive measures of security at any entrance to the country such as seaports and airports (Renewal Forum,M. Heffren). Australia actively cooperates with global authorities to identify and cross check internationally known trafficker lists. Both New Zealand and Taiwan, have prevention laws in place which they enforce, penalties under the law have been especially stringent …show more content…
Mostly women and children are targeted because of the naivety of the children and the lack of opportunities for women in Nigeria (Murphy/Rosenblatt). The government is taking security measures, such as E-passports, and also spending more time and money in investigations related to Human Trafficking. Nigeria is taking the problem very seriously and implementing drastic changes to the security at ports, airports and other entrances to the country (News24).
Human trafficking is a 27 billion dollar industry worldwide that consists of 35 million exploited men, women and children. In Nigeria, over 8 million children and women have been trafficked for the use of commercial sex and/or forced labor by means of coercion, false promises of opportunity and blackmail (News24). Human Trafficking also adds to the problem of organized crime, organ trafficking and domestic violence. Human trafficking is a human right violation as well as a form of modern slavery that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible

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