The Negative Impact Of Human Trafficking In The United States

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Human trafficking has been a problem all around the world. Some more than others but every county is affected. Human trafficking in the world can be reduced and hopefully eliminated through education, government assistance, and awareness.
Human trafficking is the transport or harbor of people. About 12.3 to 27 million people are affected throughout the world. Most human trafficking happens in low class countries. Females are the ones usually getting trafficked. They get abducted or kidnapped and sold for money or are exchanged for drugs. The age of being trafficked is between 13 and 24, also little baby infants. They are sold for either work and labor or sex. “Hundreds of thousands of people are victims of sex trafficking each year.” ("Sex
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Law after law they tried to stop it. Then it soon progressed so badly. India soon became the most place for human and sex trafficking. The girls who were sent to India were forced into prostitution. They are also physically and mentally abused. Most sex trafficked victims are often taken out of their countries, giving them no connections with their families. Sometimes the family of a person who’s been trafficked are often threatened. To escape is very hard, and if they do escape most are recaptured and taken back to where they escaped from. Other times they are taken back by the police. Some police are crooked and are paid for them to take them back. Also they have no form of identification, making it hard to have someone believe you. Two thousand kids are trafficked each year and about five thousand women are trafficked each year. “About 26 countries fight human and sex trafficking on a legal level, among them the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Sweden.” ("Sex Trafficking.") The U.S government has spent millions of dollars investing in cases of human and sex trafficking. They enforce laws protecting victims and raising awareness. Most people think we should all take a self-defense class. Especially women, women are the easiest at getting trafficked. They are vulnerable and weak making them targets. If a person is saved, it is very hard for him or her to get back to a regular life. They’ll need lots of assistance. There is programs to make sure those people don’t get trafficked again. “Although a country may have trafficking laws in place, offenders will not be brought to justice unless the laws are properly enforced. To ensure proper conviction of traffickers, international policies and practices have been implemented that encourage victims to participate in the prosecution of their traffickers. Many countries have also set up extended witness protection services to victims. Countries throughout the world also

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