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  • Case Study Of Revenue Management At Harrah's Entertainment

    Revenue Management at Harrah’s Entertainment Kaz/Colin – Thoughts/Bullet points on - Is Harrah’s current method for managing room inventory adequate? The Harrah’s current pricing method is well designed to maximize their revenue based on the games as their core offering. It, however, has areas of improvement in terms of room inventory management mostly for the following reasons, and it is increasingly important to address the issues as their business diversifies after the recent mergers. • The…

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  • Importance Of Commercial Hospitality

    entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers with liberality and goodwill.” (Clayton W. Barrows, 2009). As we come to an end of hospitality, there are a number of aspects that we have learnt. I have broadened my thinking to consider the value of hospitality and what it is to be hospitable. Commercial hospitality focuses mainly on profit making but private and public hospitality do focus on the host and guest relationship. In a private or a public hospitality, the host might oblige on the guest…

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  • My Experience In Disney: My Trip To Disney

    an instructor named Jim he is the one who explained everything to us about Epcot. Firstly we learned how Customer/ Guest satisfaction, Financial/Business results, Employee/cast Excellence, and communication is how they are not important than one another, they are equal in Disney, the cast members have to focus on all of this so that they can provide an exceptional guest service to guest and it will be a magical one. For instance, If the cast member or any part of the Disney team just focuses on…

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  • Taco Bell Recovery

    A manager can give a guest who had problems with their meal a discount on their meal and/or give them a coupon for free appetizer or dessert for the next time they visit. While this can seem like a major issue of losing money by giving discounts, it is extremely important for a restaurant to keep its customers and to give them a good experience. Guests who have enjoyed their meal and service will likely return while guests who don’t enjoy their meal probably will not return…

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  • A/Accor Hotels Case Study Essay

    Marine POYLO Redesigning Marketing – Carole ZIBI Sciences Po – Fall 2017 HBS Cases A/ ACCOR HOTEL CASE 1) Describe the customer journey and identify the problem they are trying to solve with Room Key The customer journey used to be exclusively handled by the hotel itself. Clients used to pick a destination and call the hotel to book a room. Today new entrants step in the customer journey. The customer journey is the following: • Dream: the future client thinks about travelling. He/she is…

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  • Hotel Front Office Management Case Study

    also have a concierge desk, for our leisure guests, and the front office, but this desk is set up for the conference guests only. At the hospitality desk, conference guests can get all the information they require about the days schedule, leisure facilities for in their free time and other facilities our hotel has to offer. Also is this hospitality desk the main mean of communication from the guests towards other departments of the hotel. When a guest has a wish concerning, for instant, the F&B…

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  • The Romanticization Of The West

    The West has been romanticized throughout American history and culture. Brinkley states, “since the earliest moments of European settlement in America, the image of uncharted territory to the west had always comforted and inspired those who dreamed of starting life anew” (457). Despite the Americans’ idealized visions of the West, the realities Americans faced once moving there were harsh and unfriendly. The West was composed of multi-ethnic areas, unfortunately, racism was still prevalent.…

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  • The Day The Cowboys Quit Summary

    The Day the Cowboys Quit is mainly about the rise and need for a strike that was led by the cowboys in the Texas Panhandle. The book revolves a lot around what is now considered the labor movement and the idea that profits are not the only important thing. The book brings up the cowboys’ demand for livable wages and their demand for respect. Cattle ranching was an enormous success during the time The Day the Cowboys Quit took place. The ranches were family owned so many family values were in…

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  • Ceremony Rituals In Ancient Egypt

    the first guests started to arrive. Two guests entered, one of which was the person whose birthday was being celebrated. One of the guests said “Happy birthday Robin!” There were two hosts and myself in the house where the celebration was being held before the first two guests arrived. These guests entered through the back door. This lead them through the den into the family room and then to the dining room/kitchen. There were no doorways between any of these rooms, which allowed guests to move…

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  • Ethical Dilemma For Pullman Hotel

    Wellcome Mr. Indika, Thanks for taking your time to meet us and please take a sit, Let me introduce myself and other gentlemen’s in the room, I’m Ranga Thushara F&B Director for Pullman Hotel, next to me Mr. Nishan Silva the General Manager of the hotel and the other gentlemen is the Hotel Mnanager Mr. Reda Zerrouk, I guess that you may know about our hotel and the role which you going to accept, let me introduce a little bit, Pullman Deira is a five star city Hotel which belongs to Accor…

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