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Human resources (HR) are critical for effective organizational functioning (Griffin, 2006). The selection process, while essential to all human resource departments, differs when it comes to hiring refugees of the African Community Center of the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC/ACC). This refugee resettlement agency provides a course, the Commercial Food Safety and Service (CFaSST) program, that helps refugees get training in the hospitality industry and ultimately find a job. Common selection tools may not be necessary for hiring teams of individuals of refuge. For the purpose of this assignment, the job description for Front of House Manager (Appendix A) for the Wines of the World dinner at the University of Denver
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Job Performance - done
Performing the job of FOH Manager effectively is reliant on an individual encompassing many skills and abilities. These skills and abilities are necessary in having an event that is executed smoothly. Each component of the job description for the FOH Manager includes tasks that require certain abilities. A knowledge, skills, and abilities (or KSA) matrix can be found in Appendix B. For this position, characteristics were rated based on their importance of completing certain tasks. Through this analysis, the top three characteristics were Leadership Abilities, Communication, and Attention to Detail. The most important characteristic that was found through our analysis was Leadership Abilities. Managers of any restaurant or event environment are always seen as the leader. Employees look to this person for advice and assistance in difficult situations. The Manager will have to be able to act as an example and make sure that guest and employee needs are met. Without leadership, the Manager will not be able to perform many tasks listed as important for them. Leadership encompasses many other characteristics. Leaders “create excitement, create value, use great teaching skills, while demonstrating integrity, courage, tenacity, (Hill & Vanhoof, 1997) Leadership is evident in all areas of the FOH Manager job description. This includes the host/hostess and expo positions as well as the manager who oversees all operations. With these jobs, leadership
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Detail-oriented thinking would be involved in many tasks such as serving as the liaison between the front and back of house. While coordinating between each section, the Manager must understand each dish. This includes the dietary restrictions and ways in which the dish can be changed to meet different needs of guests. This happens mostly during the expo portion of the event. Another time in which detail-oriented thinking is important is when monitoring tasks, a manager should make sure that the tasks are being completed to their fullest potential. The attention to detail skill should also be taught to employees so that this guest satisfaction increases as well. Attention to detail is important when monitoring progress or status of assigned tasks to ensure that all employees are performing their jobs adequately. When things get busy, the Manager should be able to step in and use this detail-oriented thinking to assist with miscellaneous activities that need to be completed. When dealing with guests, especially in the beginning of the night, they must use this attention to detail when checking coats. They must remember to give a guest their coat check slip as to ensure the guest will have their coat returned at the end of the night. Also, the Manager must be aware of dietary restrictions if told to them by a guest and relay this information to the back of house.

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