Importance Of The Pillar On Manufacturing

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The pillar on manufacturing was very informative and interesting. It provided a lot of insight for me as to what kind of engineer I want to be. There were many things I liked, that surprised me, made me want to pursue a career in manufacturing, that made me develop questions, and many guest speaker presentations that influenced my knowledge and interest about manufacturing. Learning about the grand challenges helped me discover which one I want to pursue and how they relate to manufacturing. Dr. Maier, Austin Holder, Ted Hall, Brian Couchey were all very informative and experts at describing the projects they worked on. All of their topics were very appealing and were very influential in manufacturing. There were a bunch of things I liked about this pillar because it was very interesting. For example, I liked how Austin Holder was able to reduce the time needed for the fabric to absorb the dye. It was cool because reducing the time of a project is a remarkable accomplishment. In addition, I thought it was cool how Brian Couchey brought in a bunch of real world products that you can find in a store. The ice cream scooper he brought in was a very simple tool but still very innovative. I also liked how Ted Hall talked about people who were successful in using …show more content…
One question I have is how much does someone who works in manufacturing make? I feel they do a lot to find the best materials that can be used efficiently and cheaply. Another question I have is what kind of tools do they use? I think they would need very complex tools to find better materials. Additionally, what kind of education do you need in order to become an engineer that deals in manufacturing? In my opinion, I think somebody would have to be very smart to come up with ways to reduce process time and think of new materials that are more efficient than the previous

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