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  • MSME Case Study

    liberalisation, the economy witnessed a leap of growth in large industries and enterprises, but surprisingly the MSME sector, which contributes six percentage to the Indian Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 45% to total national export and employs around seventy million Indians, is still struggling to find its footing and reach optimum performance. Though MSME total working enterprises, employment and market value of fixed assets grown at CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4.39%, 4.75% and 6.64%…

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  • Logistical Population Growth Essay

    to have a logistical population growth. Visually, the data and trend line of the graph create an S-shaped curve, which is the shape of a logistical population growth. A logistical population growth is a population growth that initially occurs at a constant rate of increase over time, but then levels out as the carrying capacity of the environment is approached. For 10 days the population increases at a steady rate. However, after day 10 the rate of population growth relatively decreases to zero…

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  • The Unsustainability Of Export-Led Economy In China Case Study

    After examining the contribution of exports to growth since the early 2000’s, Akyüz (2011) points out that approximately one-third of Chinese growth before the global financial crisis of 2007 was a result of exports. With a sharp drop in its exports after the financial crisis, Akyüz doubts whether or not China can return to its former rapid and sustained export-led economic growth after a serious recession. With the sharp slowdown of China’s economic growth rate in the year of 2008, Guo and…

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  • The Importance Of Sustainable Growth And Development In The Bahamas

    demand for sustainable growth and development. While The Bahamas remains one of the wealthiest countries in the Western Hemisphere because of strong economic performances, trends in the tourism and financial sectors (the country’s leading industries), increasing unemployment rates, poverty, skill gaps, and incidences of crime threatens the country’s overall development and prosperity. Quintessentially, we are at the intersection of implementing the goals for sustainable growth primarily through…

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  • Impact Of World Migration And The Global Economy

    World Migrations and The Global Economy As the world evolves and countries change, there is a constant ebb and flow of people throughout the globe. Safety, opportunity, and economic growth play major rolls in where people are willing and able to live. As we consider the burden of immigration on a country, we must also consider the value of diversity. The understanding that more people mean fewer jobs is similar thinking to adding an extra trailer to a big-rig truck. The driver might be…

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  • Nutrient Agar

    biotechnology is developing fast. This is proved by the fact that biotechnology has a growth rate of 7 percent in the market of food and pharmaceutical applications. The advent of the industrial revolution resulted in impairment of the environment through the release…

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  • Eco Shop Marketing In The Philippines Case Study

    last socioeconomic, political and cultural reform has make the Philippines stands on the acme of the new era of prosperity. Philippines require a dynamic local consumer market and attract foreign investment by investors outside of the country in key growth industries. Strategic location of Philippines which flanked by the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea makes it a critical point to some 500 million people in the ASEAN market. Therefore, Philippines this country offering larger trade…

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  • China's Economic Efficiency Analysis: Chinese Economic Development And Structure Problem

    economy Efficiency Analysis Problem of Chinese economic Structure China 's economy high speed growth can be remained in the future ? Conclusion Bibliography Some Key wards: China 's economy development China‘s Structure problem Efficiency Population Introduction After China economic revolution, everybody know Chinese economic have increased rapid . For example, after economic revolution , annual growth rate has more than 10 % . According to the view of the energy efficiency, we can know…

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  • Puudong New Area Case Study

    There is also large scale park in the center of his plan and will be the originating point of the radial boulevards. This park supposed to be the focus of the development. The buildings are arranged in different heights in clusters from the edge with medium heights till the centre with the high rise buildings to give the image of the city by defining the main routes and axes. There is also, light rail loops that link the radial boulevards to connect all the district areas and serve the…

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  • The Importance Of Economic Growth In The United States

    WHAT IS ECONOMIC GROWTH From two perspective we can interpret economic growth of an economies (Mankiw & N. G. R. E. G. O. R. Y, 2014). 1. The most popular way to define economic growth as the total increase of output which an economy produce over a given period of time , but time constraints at least two year . 2. Secondly we can define economic growth as increase in what a nation can produce if it is using all the scarce resources it has. Economic growth can be shown by an outward shift in…

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