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  • Black Wednesday Analysis

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt inspired miserable Americans to get the courage to face the present hard situation by his optimistic, passionate and cheerful speech. When Roosevelt was a five-year-old boy, his father took him to visit President Grover Cleveland in the White House. "I have one wish…

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  • David Blackwell Background

    Who is David Blackwell? David was born on April 24 in 1919 in Centralia, Illinois. Being the oldest out of 4 other siblings. His mother, Mable, dropped out of school her sophomore year. Grover Blackwell, father, was a hostler for railroad with a fourth grade education. In his household he was sat on a high pedestal, because his parents expected and supported hard work. David found love by doing what he loved most. David met his wife, Ann, by becoming a teacher of a physics. Which Ann she thought…

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  • David Mishell's Flashlight

    The Flashlight In this essay I the writer will be talking about the inventor David Mishell and the patent of his flashlight which he created at the time the 1896. I will be talking about what was going to through previously mentioned year and all of the events. Not only will I be talking about events around the world and this piece we'll also talk my inventors homeland. In 1896 the style that they mostly had was they wore suits and dresses in the daily most wore tailored cloth. Also during…

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  • The Spanish-American War

    During the Spanish-American War, many people fighting for and with America perished while taking up arms for the independence of other or their own countries. Throughout the whole entire world, over three hundred thousand service members served for the United States. The total of battle deaths and deaths in service was close to one hundredth of those who served at around twenty-five hundred. There were less non-lethal wounds than deaths for the side of the United States with around sixteen…

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  • Graduation Speech: The Statue Of Liberty

    II” when they got her to walk in the streets of Manhattan. I have included the video here. This statue which was made of copper and iron was then reassembled and dedicated the following year. The ceremony was dedicated by the 22nd U.S. President Grover Cleveland and the Statue…

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  • Pluralism In Democracy

    With unfettered patriotism and false pretenses, the United States exudes great pride in its democratic system. Every four years the people disconnect their impenetrable gaze from their televisions and phone screens to go out and express their civic duty to vote. Only to return, November 9th, to American mainstream culture, characterized by ignorant complacency and weapons of mass distraction for another four years. More and more people, however, are coming to realize that the state of our…

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  • Analysis Of Our Town By Thornton Wilder

    For example Mrs Webb's comment on Emily's hair ribbon condition. apart from that comparison in terms of social Corners Grover, Mr Webb gives comparison between cream and milk.." I guess we're all hunting like everybody else for a way the diligent and sensible can rise to the top and the lazy and quarrelsome can sink to the bottom ". Structure that use in Our Town by Thornton…

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  • Liberty Of Ellis Island: The Statue Of Liberty

    Isabella NazarioLA-2nd2/14/18 Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty stands in the New York Harbor and has greeted a lot of immigrants into Ellis Island. At the time, Lady Liberty was letting them know that their journey to find democracy, freedom, and a better way of life, was finally over. The Statue of Liberty stands on Ellis Island as a symbol of freedom. Liberty Enlightening the World" (the full name of the statue) was a gift from France to the United States in 1886. It…

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  • Queen Lydia Kamakaeha

    Queen Liliuokalani: A Queen to Remember Lydia Kamakaeha, more formally known as Queen Liliuokalani, was a person who inspired so many, and did so much good in her life to help her people, and was extremely influential in the history of Hawaii. She was the first female monarch in the Kingdom of Hawaii and was also the last ruler of the Kingdom of Hawaii before her kingdom was forced from her and her people. Lydia was also an artist who wrote many songs; which are popular songs to this day.…

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  • The Reckless Decade: America In The 1890s

    During the spring of 1889, land rushes into Oklahoma signaled the passing of the southern frontier. The frontier had offered opportunities to all who sought independence and desired individualism; however, after its end, many found that they could no longer rely on the possibilities and reassurances provided by the West. In The Reckless Decade: America in the 1890s (2002), author H.W. Brands explains, “As a people, Americans had long cherished the idea that off in the West existed an unclaimed…

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