Reasons For European Imperialism

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Just because European countries have the power to colonize the African countries does not mean they should. European countries have been involved in amassing overseas possessions and the colonization of foreign lands since the 1500s. Beginning in the second half of the 1800s, European powers began a mad rush to control as much of the world’s resources as possible. There are many contributing factors behind this spread of new imperialism. These factors include racism, ethnocentrism, economics, nationalism, and the missionary impulse of the people. Imperialism suppresses the people and it is not economically beneficial. The powerful countries of Europe including Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portuguese, Belgium, and Spain are using there …show more content…
The technological advances that were brought by the industrial revolution have led for a large increase in production. European leaders believe that if we can civilize the Africans there will be a new market of consumers. Grover Clark wrote in the Balance Sheets of Imperialism, “the struggle for colonies does not result only in cash losses. There were also lives lost, wars fought, and hatreds aroused which threatened new wars…Italy’s trade with her colonies in 1894-1932 was worth 5, 561 million lire or about $1, 100 million. This was less than one percent of her total foreign trade in the same period. In fact her expenditures on colonies for that time was 6, 856 million lire. Obviously colonies cost more than they are worth in trade.” Grover Clark’s statement provides evidence pertaining to colonization's nonexistent financial benefits. It describes how resistance and other things related to resistance cost more than they are …show more content…
Europeans mindset of “we need to fix these people” only makes the population resentful. Europeans go into Africa and act as if they are doing a favor to the Africans when all they are doing is telling them that their way of life is wrong. King Leopold on Imperialism: “To open civilization the only part of our globe where it has not penetrated, to pierce the darkness which envelops whole populations, is a crusade, if I may say so, a crusade worthy or this century of progress.” King Leopold's statement is invalid because civilization does exist in Africa it is just a different type of civilization. King Leopold is using the disguise of human duty in order to suppress the Africans for his own financial gain. .Evidence is apparent in J.A. Hobson’s statement “In the typical colony, the most fertile lands and the mineral resources are owned by white foreigners. These holdings are worked by natives under their direction. The foreigners take wealth out of the country. All the hard work is done by the natives.” This statement provides evidence about how the Europeans have been suppressing the Africans. In the long run, Imperialism provides no befits for anyone involved because it is inevitable that the Africans will become hostile and the Europeans will have to spend money to stop that. The fighting between the two groups prevents the financial gain the Europeans hope to achieve by forcing the Africans into

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