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  • Dental Disease And Diabetes: A Case Study

    Dental care is an important component to overall health and is particularly important for individuals with diabetes. As educators and diabetes care providers we play an instrumental role in educating patients on the connection between oral health and diabetes, recognizing potential signs of dental disease, and helping to ensure appropriate referrals to dental health professionals. This article will address the correlation between dental disease and diabetes, explore statistics of periodontal…

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  • Bear Ears National Monument Proposal

    Rationale for a National Monument in the Bears Ears Area I. Introduction The proposed size of the Bears Ears National Monument is approximately 1.9 million acres, which is roughly twenty percent larger than the state of Delaware. The alternative Public Lands Initiative (PLI) suggested by Representatives J. Chaffetz and R. Bishop encompasses 4.6 million acres within the Bears Ears area (Bears Ears Coalition) (Chaffetz and Bishop). The difference between the two proposals is the difference of…

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  • The Lightning Thief Archetypes Essay

    Many stories that are famous today originated from past legends of greek mythology, so let’s take a closer look at the popular Percy Jackson series. In the book, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, the quest plotline, perfect hero archetype, and the good vs. evil theme have been modernized from the myth “Danaüs, Perseus, and the Gorgon” by Edgar Parin D'aulaires. Devising the quest plotline was the heroes protecting their mother, help from gods (and goddesses), they kill the same monster, and…

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  • Essay On Olympic National Park

    in Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula. The park covers 922,651 acres of land, which 876,669 acres of the land is designated wilderness. Olympic National Park received its first national designation, as Olympic Forest Reserve, by President Grover Cleveland in 1897. Then, in 1909, President Teddy Roosevelt selected a part…

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  • First Grade Science Observation

    The science topic that our group will be working with for first grade fieldwork at Grover Heights Elementary school covers light and how we need light to see objects and colors. One of the five senses is sight, with out light you can not see anything. In order to see something light must be present. Some plants and animals can create their own light, but we mainly get our light from the sun, or from electricity. The first grade science standard we will be exploring is 1-PS4-2, "make…

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  • Percy Jackson Research Paper

    a way back to the human -mortal world. Rick Riordan takes his characters into the Sea Of Monsters in search of the Golden Fleece. Here Percy, his friend Annabeth and Half-brother Tyson, are on a rescue mission to save their friend – a satyr named Grover along with recovering the Golden Fleece. They are on a journey to battle monsters that are only mentioned in myths and stories as no real things. While battling monsters Percy and his friends find one of their camp mate: Clarisse on a…

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  • Argumentative Essay: What Is Emotional Eating?

    Emotional Eating “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” (Aristotle) Have you ever made a decision to over eat? Do you feel weak or out of control around food? Have you eaten more when you’re stressed? If so you may be an emotional eater. Many people do not believe that emotional eating is real, and that it therefore, cannot be threatening or harmful to human health. However, this belief is not true, in fact emotional eating is a symptom of what most health professionals call…

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  • Van Fraassen's Argument Against Realism

    Realists hold this argument to be a sufficient proof of their position. However, anti-realists assert that because this argument is dependent on an inference of the best explanation, it cannot be held up as a decisive proof. Moreover, the anti-realist Van Fraassen argues that by accepting theories as explanations, the authority of a theory tainted, they become nothing more than mere explanatory value. For example, Aristotle explained the descent of objects towards the ground through teleological…

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  • Vance V. Ball State Case Study

    liability of the hostile work environment. First the employer must show that they took reasonable actions in order to prevent or correct the harassment; second, they must show that the plaintiff did not take precautionary measures to avoid the harassment (Grover, Sperino, & Gonzalez, 2011). This standard can also be easily adapted into business’s practices in order to prevent vicarious liability. Most companies nowadays require employees to sit through online or video trainings about harassment…

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  • Electoral College Is Bad For America Analysis

    In the 1876 election Samuel J. Tilden won 50.9% of the popular vote and Rutherford B. Hayes won 47.9% of the popular vote. However, Hayes won 185 electoral votes and Tilden won 184. In the 1888 election Grover Cleveland won 48.6%, and Benjamin Harrison won 47.8% of the popular vote. However, Harrison won the election with 233 electoral votes and Cleveland lost with 168 votes. In 1960 Richard Nixon won the popular vote with 49.3% and John F. Kennedy lost…

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