Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief Book Report

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“Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” takes place in modern day New York, in a world where Greek Gods rule the world from Mt Olympus. The star of the story Percy Jackson is just like your average teenager other than the fact that he is dyslectic and has a case of ADHD. Little does he know that he is actually the son of Poseidon, and also a demigod. In a matter of hours, his world will be turned upside down as he has to accept the responsibility to stop Zeus and Poseidon from going to war with each other, turning earth into a battle ground and wiping out all life on earth. As the story starts out, Poseidon the God of the sea is confronted by Zeus the God of the Sky. Zeus accuses his brother Poseidon’s son Percy of stealing his weapon the …show more content…
But when Percy accidentally dropped the shield that Luke had gave him, a hidden compartment in the shield revealed the Lightning Bolt. Hades then retrieves the bolt, thinking of killing Percy and his friends and then waging war on Olympus. But before he can do that, his wife steps in and kills him with the lightning bolt and frees Percy and his friends. And just like that Percy and his friends now have the lightning bolt and so they use the pearls to get out of the underworld and to Mt Olympus. But not before encountering Luke which tries to stop Percy from returning the Lightning Bolt to Zeus as he wants the Gods to turn on each other as they start a war. But after a gruesome battle between Luke and Percy, Percy gets the Lightning Bolt to Zeus just in the nick of time and the war is called off. Good things to say about Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief is most of the actors and actresses are acting so well. For example, Pierce Brosnan as Chiron. He has played his role naturally and you will surely not know that he was actually the 007 early series main actors before. Next, Uma Thurman as Medusa. I think she has done her very good job as Medusa. The hideous snakes which inhabit her head are just like her own hair in

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