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  • Reflection Paper About Sexual Autobiography

    part of this assignment was very shocking and eye opening for me. I thought I would have nothing to write about but once I started writing, I could not stop. The questions asked in the book were very detailed and specific so it made it easy to think back and reflect. Impact of this Assignment Personal I realized that I am too hard on myself. If I mess up and go against my values, I feel guilty for weeks. Sexual exploration…

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  • My Heart Series By Angela Kelk

    one and immediately proceeds to give her a whirlwind tour of New York. Before she can catch a breath, she has met and is dating two gorgeous men who she writes about in her brand new blog about her life. But telling readers you have never met about your life is different from figuring it out for yourself. Could she be in over her head in the big apple that she now calls home? I Heart Hollywood is Lindsey Kelk’s second novel full of the verve and passion of the first now set in Hollywood. Angela…

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  • Kindergarden: A Short Story

    “Why would you fuck her in the party. Please tell me this isn’t true.” “I’m sorry, babe. I made a mistake one time. Forgive me, you know I love you”, he replied, trying to put me in his arms. “Get the fuck out of here. I fucking hate you”, I screamed as I ran out of the school. My feet pounded against the cool, hard dirt. As I slowed down, I realized where I had run too. Above me were towering trees, grown in a way so a little path was made.…

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  • Chapter Summary: 'The Influence Of Fasting'

    Chapter 7 Fasting has a true medical and celebrity pedigree. Going back to early history, the ancient Greek Pythagoras (580-500 years. BC), Greek philosopher and mathematician, founder of the famous school of philosophy, systematically starved for 40 days, rightly believing that it increases the mental perception and creativity. He demanded strict 40-day fast on water alone from each of his numerous disciples and followers. Hippocrates (460-357 BC,) the physician who created the medical…

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  • Media's Influence On Food And Social Media

    and that is just something that we will never be able to achieve. Healthy food is something that you should work for, and when you work for a good meal you feel better about yourself as your eating healthy food. As a nation, we need to start pushing for that local food base economy again. Then we need to push back at the media and tell them they have no control over how we think. We need to think positively and grow together and accept what we all look like and encourage healthy not skinny or…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With The Homeless Man

    June space out briefly, thinking about her previous sexual act with the homeless man. "Jamie spoken out more loudly. "June, are you alright?" June snap back into focus. "A...what?" Jamie repeat himself. "I said, do you want to help Mike out or not?" June clear her throat and respond. "Well, since Mike is not our enemy. I guess it's okay to help him out." She turn her head away, plotting something mischievous. "Guys, I'm still not feeling well. Is it alright if I use the restroom for a minute?"…

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  • Analysis Of Poem Of Such By Zona Bond

    Poems of Such… by: Sharise Bailey Apple Blossoms in the spring Apple blossoms in the spring I just got a diamond ring and it is beautiful And has so much beauty Hey look what I see Apple blossoms in the spring and my diamond ring Zona Bond I’m better off dead, ‘cause life was a twisted society That mistreated me Everyone pointed their fingers, even gossiped Why? Well, I’ll tell you why For they feared someone different But I meant no harm,…

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  • The Consequences Of Cigarettes And Childhood Obesity

    Statistics show 1 in 3 children from the age 2-19 are overweight or obese in the United States in the year 2016. Childhood obesity is an epidemic that needs to be stopped. Looking back in time, the number of people smoking cigarettes is close to our numbers now for childhood obesity, so is there a correlation? Yes, the numbers show, there is. There are many reasons why the numbers are so similar but the main reason is we advertise both of these issues in a positive way both in the past and now…

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  • High School Descriptive Writing

    sentence. "Okay ma" I yell back. I check my phone for the time its 7:05 "shiz" I jump out of bed literally but I fall on my butt because the blankets were wrapped around my legs. "ow" Well at least I 'm not the only one that has this happen to them right? Ugh great I 'm running late, no surprise there. The bus is going to be here in 20 minutes I still got some time I need to hurry if I don 't want to miss the it. Good thing I took a shower the night before. I get to my bathroom and do my…

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  • Cultural Perspectives On Sex Trafficking

    There are many campaigns worldwide wanting to help such as , The Truth Isnt Sexy and Stop The Traffik. These campaigns raise public attention about what sex trafficking and how it is the high demand that fuels the trafficking. These campaigns have people behind them who strongly believe that there needs to be a stop. It is one thing to believe it is wrong but it is a another thing to get up and do something about it. These campaigns have people that are driven, have high beliefs…

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