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  • Difference Between Hello And Greetings

    except perhaps if you're a snob, right? Being a snob is a big no-no, especially if you want to gain many friends. The greetings of hi's and hello's will make someone's day great, especially if it is given with a genuine smile that is plastered on your lips. However, there really are some people who are not snobs but people think they are. This is because some people are just too shy to wave or say hello to someone. Since people have different personalities - some are extroverts while others are…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's Time To Stop Bullying

    experienced bullying whispering in my ear, I experienced bullying as it strangled my heart. The concept ran through my veins and refused to leave my body. My whole life in elementary school was like a ping pong match. In the first grade, I called a boy “sexy”, unknowledgable of the word’s meaning. I was the bully. In the third grade a boy constantly…

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  • Comparing Holden And The Catcher In The Rye

    first chance he has a chance for a relationship he exclaims his love for Sally, but he also says that he lied, Holden is so needy for love, but he does not even understand what love is. He has never experienced love from his parents. The closest he gets to love is with Jane Gallagher. Having that relationship with Jane, which Holden has now frozen in a painful place where he may not longer touch it, has caused him immense heartache that, worsens the whole in his heart (Shaw). Similarly to when…

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  • Does Media Reflect Or Shape Reality?

    Does Media Reflect Or Shape Reality? Media plays a huge roll in our society, it is a way to get information to the people, and to keep people up to date with current events. The issue is that a large amount of the information shared with the public is not always accurate and does not reflect reality. In the essay “How Television Distorts Reality” (233)the author Benjamin Radford discusses how television and media distorts the information people are receiving and does not always accurately…

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  • Immaturity In Catcher In The Rye

    Confused on how to get a girlfriend? No need to fear, Holden Caulfield is here. The Catcher in the Rye is a coming-of-age fiction novel written by J.D. Salinger. Set around the 1950s, The Catcher in the Rye is told through the perspective of the main protagonist, Holden Caulfield. As the novel progresses, Holden is immediately introduced as the confused, lonely teenager that struggles to acquire a decent education and life. Just some of Holden’s indecencies toward his female peers include his…

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  • Comparing Hamlet And Gertrude's Marriage In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

    Hamlet could not step from Gertrude’s (radiant, golden) picture to Ophelia (a plain, puzzled) child, which assumes that Ophelia was denied Hamlet’s love because Hamlet could not compare that plain girl with the golden, vital Gertrude. We will come back to plain Ophelia yet, but let’s dig out a little and see if Crowl’s argument is relevant. In the act 2 scene 1 Gertrude runs out in virgin blue and heading trimmed with gold, jumping on Claudius as a young girl and kissing him passionately, then…

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  • Disadvantages Of Advertising Essay

    Or does it do both those things to some extent? Are stereotypes a bad thing when it comes to the media industry? Use examples to explain your opinion. Television perpetuate the stereotypes. Many shows when they want to be hilarious, they start to speak about a stereotypes of a country. Usually, that is funny, but there are some side effects of that. Some of the side effects is that stereotype…

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  • Analysis Of The Poem 'Still I Rise' By Maya Angelou

    seen, and treated back in the day. Although, it may seem she is speaking upon herself that is not the case when she wrote this poem. The first section of the poem, Maya states "You write me down in history, with your bitter and twisted lies" (Angelou). She is stating that throughout the generations, lies after lies were written about her people. She also states "You may trod me in the dirt, But still, like the dirt, I rise" (Angelou). She is…

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  • Argument Against Gun Control

    states that “there shouldn't be thousands of gun sales everyday at gun shows or online without those Brady background checks just like there shouldn't be two lines to get on an airplane—one with security and one with no security.” Which is a very valid point you wouldn't want someone who could be potentially dangerous getting on your plane. Why would you want someone who is potentially dangerous having access to guns. He also uses statics to show people do want gun control and that it's not a…

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  • Narrative Essay-A Magical Day When We First Met

    magical day when we first met. That magical day when I first saw your pretty face. That was the day when I first held your hand and hugged you. That was day when i first looked into your gorgeous eyes and that was the day our lips first met. You had put on a checked shirt and blue jeans. Am pretty certain I did not give a compliment, but let me take this chance to tell you that you looked amazing and that those jeans were smocking on you. Your body thilled me, I was like 'Wow! this girl fine.…

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