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  • Response To Conflict

    Response to Conflict Disputes occur more often than thought. Although many are simply overcome, most aren’t. For this reason, there are many ways to go about the issue, sadly not all will result in a satisfactory way. Controversially, we could avoid the problem, but steering clear of the dilemma may not always be the best option. Then what is the most successful way to approach a problem? Remaining positive is the best way to solve a conflict. In fact, there are many examples in…

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  • Standardized Testing Benefits

    kindergartens has dwindled to the vanishing point, replaced by lengthy lessons and standardized testing” (Miller and Almon). A three-year study completed in Oct. 2010 by the Gesell Institute of Human Development showed that increased emphasis on testing is making "children feel like failures now as early as PreK..." (Gesell Institute). Children especially at that age need time away from the classroom to play and gain social skills. When we deprive children from these activities they lose…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Standardized Testing In The Education System

    Past experience diminishes that belief as the creators of the tests are notoriously known for making scoring errors. Essay questions are graded by temporary workers with no educational training. A report by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform reported in 2010 that over 17 percent of Houston, TX teachers ranked top on one test but ranked the lowest two on another with the same curriculum. Many studies suggest that 75 percent of what is on a standardized test is not even…

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