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  • Common Core Essay

    talks about why states are retreating from the Common Core. She mentions in her article a quote from Rick Hess, a resident scholar and director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, “"People felt like they hadn 't been told about it," says the American Enterprise Institute 's Hess. "To people who were skeptical, they thought, 'How did you sneak this past everybody? '(Bidwell)." Hess and Bidwell were referring to the Common Core set in place by Obama and his…

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  • Relationships In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    In the book, Anthem, by Ayn Rand, one of the main themes revolves around relationships. The relationship between Equality and the Golden One is very special because in their society they are not allowed to talk to the opposite gender, let alone look at one another, but they feel a connection so strong they try making it work. Equality knows how special the Golden One is and tries to forget about her, but he knows he can’t and needs her in his life. Throughout the course of the text, the theme of…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Sarah Aoun's The Huffington Post

    Gender divides nearly everything, from colors to toys. The simple mention of the color pink conjures images of numerous ideas and stereotypes associated with girls, while blue creates the same for boys. In her article for The Huffington Post, Sarah Aoun discusses the extension of this division into the sector of technology in higher education and beyond. The opening of her article works to establish the presence of a pronounced lack of women in the tech field, Aoun then takes the reader through…

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  • Men Growing Minority

    When an individual is looked at his/her background instead of his actually ability then there is a strong public response that is stopping the company to pick that individual. Men and women face different barriers when joining non-traditional occupation support. According to the article, “Men: A growing minority?”, the author says that, “Other experts agree that the field needs a diversity of viewpoints, but point out that it 's not only the male perspective that is underrepresented in…

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  • Hell And Heaven Analysis

    In general, Fritz Scholder used people to show ethnic subject matter. This does not coincide with what I have learned about earlier painters such as those in the Oklahoma School. The most artwork from earlier painters are traditional portraits and pictures of recording the ceremony. Fritz Scholder combined Indian culture with American culture to show the Indian with a beer can, the Indian with a American flag, and a portrait of himself with a cat. He also drew abstract in which expressed…

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  • The Importance Of Accounting And Finance

    In this essay, I will explore what accounting and finance is and why I have chosen to study it at the University of Birmingham. Accounting and finance are two separate disciplines that have some similar characteristics. The main difference between accounting and finance is that finance focuses on the present and future whereas accounting focuses on the past (Aspillera, 2014). The University of Birmingham is amongst the top providers for accounting and finance due to its credibility,…

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  • Informative Essay: A Career As A Computer Engineer

    As you go through life, you will probably come into contact with special individuals. These individuals may seem different from you. They may be put off by large crowds, or seem awkward when answering a question in front of a group. Actually, these people are similar to you in most respects. They enjoy movies, games, talking with other people, that sort of thing. What sets them apart is what they do when they are alone, when no one is there to watch them. I’m talking about, of course, computer…

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  • John Swales: The Roles Of A Discourse Community

    A discourse is a way of communicating, whereas a discourse community is a group that communicates similarly and for collective purposes. More often, a discourse community can be referred as a way of the communication within a given field, between individuals or within a group of people. Most commonly, discourse takes the form of speaking, writing, and reading, where an audience plays an essential role in the type of discourse. For example, I communicate differently when I talk to my friends than…

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  • Chemical Runaways

    piping used to cool the vessel. Since vessel could not be cooled, the pressure inside the vessel began to rise and chemical runaway began to occur. Chemical runaway is the process that exothermic reactions get out of control and cause an explosion (Institute of Chemical Engineers, n.d.). During the evacuation process, the pressure became too great and caused a rupture in the piping. According to the CSB report, workers reported a sound that appeared to be like a “jet engine” (CSB, 2009). By…

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  • Discipline Investigation Essay

    Introduction: Discipline investigation is an essay that allows a student to discover the difficulties of professional life. The main source for this essay is the interview that student uses to collect the empirical data. From my opinion, this dissertation is a study to convince students to either follow what they choose or change their career. Before doing this assignment, I expected chemical engineering is a tough profession in the industry but I found out the academic courses were challenging…

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