INFO 200 Reflection Essay

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I feel that taking up INFO 200 was one of the best decisions I have ever taken at the University Of Washington. It has opened a whole new perspective of looking at things for me. Previously any new technological discoveries or advances used to make me compute in my mind about the things used to create it, the data structures and the language that goes into making it, etc. However, after taking up this class my perspective has shifted to things like the design issues, the flaws with the user interface, the depth of a website, etc. Ultimately I feel that people’s perspective of technology is much better and makes more sense because ultimately each and every evolution of technology developed is for people.

In the Information core concepts
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I am strongly against the fact about the ethical issues faced by women are not treated equally in the tech industry. I feel completely different about this issue and Social Media problems faced by women. It is an unfair situation that is equally evil and is corroding the tech industry right now. Even the statistics show that “average only 15-17% of working force in the tech company is women” (Eight charts that put tech companies diversity stats into perspective, Carmel DeAmicis and Biz Carson). Also as brought out by Prof. Wanda her personal experience of “being mostly the only women around in the office“ (Prof. Wanda Pratt) is disturbing thing to know regarding the condition of women right in the tech industry. I strongly feel that most of the suffering is created by man himself. According to me this is a critical issue, because the working conditions that are created for women largely depend on men and only we can change that and no law or company can make men do that. These topics make me think about my sister and how I would feel if she is not hired because of these ethical issues and if she has to face problems just because she is a woman. These gender issues are amongst the worst things that women have to

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