Ci 201 Reflection

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In CI 201, I learned so many new things. I am aware that CI 201 is a technology class, but was not aware of the amount of technology that has been incorporated into the education system. Even though this class has caused me a lot of stress, it has been very beneficial. Everything I have learned in this class will highly be useful in my major. An important topic that we learned about was informational literacy. This is something that I am thankful I learned about; learning how to safely and effectively use the internet is something vital and important to be able to use it as a reliable resource. This is something that students will need to learn how to use to be successful on the internet, since everyday new information is upload on the web. …show more content…
A perfect example of this standard is when we worked on a project using explain everything. Explain everything is a great resource for teachers; it allows us to create videos in a whole different way. This tool lets teachers teach, even if they were to be absent, or they could also just use it for a review session. Explain everything is a way for teachers to design learning experiences that incorporate digital tools to promote students learning; not only that, but it’s a cool way to customize and personalize your learning activities. Also if student were to have trouble understanding the new concept, they could just watch the video again until they felt they understood the whole idea of the concept. This allows students to work at their own pace. Although I do understand this standard, I still need to learn better effective ways to intergrade technology in my future classroom. An additional cool resource is Kid Pix. The assignment we did with Kid Pix, allowed use to get a deeper meaning on why we want to teach and what we want our students to get out of our classrooms. This is another tool where it promotes student’s creativity into their student learning. I still need to learn more on how to provide students with multiple summative assessments and also diverse learning styles if I plan to teach in an urban area. It is important that teachers have options, instead of just one set way; this way you have more students able to

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