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  • Fashion In The Elizabethan Era

    person and how much money they had or what social class they were in. Fancy and royal are some words that describe the clothing of the Elizabethan Era. Fashion trends today have drastically changed from the trends in the 1500-1600’s. The materials used for clothing in the 1500-1600’s are somewhat different from what we use today. In the Elizabethan Era men wore silk and velvet with fur. Men were usually fully clothed in silk from head to toe. Women mainly wore silk, lace and linen. The…

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  • Clothing In King Lear Essay

    I will argue that the clothing used in King Lear reflects deeper themes occurring in the play. The use of clothing is significant because it is a physical symbol of the embedded themes of the play. In this paper, I will address how the use of clothing contributes to the development of the themes of justice, appearance of sanity, and power. Justice is a key theme in this play. At the beginning, Lear administers justice the way he believes the gods have allowed him to do so. However, once he…

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  • Women's Fashion In The 1920

    Fashion, the popular trend in styles of clothing, can be observed through out human history. From the fur hides of the Neolithic, to the Victorian dresses of 19th century, and to the “standard” clothing that the society perceives of today, fashion is ubiquitous. Fashion – especially women’s fashion – however, stands beyond its practicality and ornamentation to make and to mark the social, cultural, and psychological atmosphere of the era. In this paper, one seeks to examine the rise of trousers…

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  • Gender Influences On Fashion And Culture

    style. The diva is looking for the new, high,luxurious trend. Divas wear super high heels, gold jewelry,fur, sunglasses,and a tiny bejeweled purse. They go to manicure their nails and straight their hair. The gamine is also known as the street kid in France. The gamine look starts with short hair, minimal makeup, no jewelry, boat-neck top,and cropped pants. It 's a simple, slim-fitting clothing style. The most common look is the goddess. The goddess is when women reveal some parts of her body…

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  • Balenciag Shaping Fashion Analysis

    the 100th anniversary of the opening of the first studio Balenciaga in Spanish San Sebastian and the eightieth anniversary of the founding famous salon in Paris on George V. The conceptual display of creativity will combine more than 100 items of clothing and 20 headwear created by Balenciaga, as well as the outstanding outfits of his contemporary followers, working in the same innovative key. Most of the exhibits are first shown publicly. Along with these iconic garments are archival sketches,…

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  • The 1950s: The Invention Of Stilettos

    “We have the 1950s fashion to thank for the invention of the Stilettos,” (Ruche). Stilettos were invented by a shoe designer named Andre Perugia, who began designing shoes in 1906. These thin-heeled shoes classed up any outfit, adding a petite look and a sleek silhouette when wearing a dress. Women ditched their bulkier shoes from the thirties and forties and opted for Stilettos instead. They’ve become extremely popular and can be seen being worn today by any passing lady. Polyester, Triacetate…

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  • Fashion During The Medieval Romance Period 1380-1450

    using words; to make their statements standout and last longer than a Hollywood star on the walk of fame. Women would sometimes commission an artist to portray their style in handcrafted pieces of art. With every passing season, new textiles, colors, furs, velvets, and even headpieces were redesigned to follow the trends that still linger in today’s world. Some would say that fashion changed with history events. When people question the reasoning behind wearing certain apparel, it usually goes…

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  • Rendezvous Thesis

    Rendezvous Rendezvous is a word that means meeting in French. In 19th century America, rendezvous referred to meetings in the west at a designated place to trade furs and goods. The majority of rendezvous happened in the Rocky Mountain region and frequently occurred in Indian villages. Rendezvous started in the year 1810 and continued throughout the better part of the century up to the 1880’s. Rendezvous lasted anywhere from a couple days to several weeks (Harris 42). Rendezvous impacted…

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  • FOREVER 21 Ethical Issues

    Particularly in relation to animal welfare as they have established a permanent fur-free policy in 2004 and a permanent ban on Angora (rabbit hair) in 2014. (FOREVER 21, 2017.) FOREVER 21 is a signatory on the Responsible Sourcing Network’s Cotton Pledge which commits to not knowingly source cotton from Uzbekistan from 2016 onwards…

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  • Three Principles Of Persuasion: The Paradox Of Choice

    Persuasion is a constant and rather successful method of getting people to do certain things. We are constantly being influenced and also influencing other people around us. There are several principles that help explain why humans sometimes irrationally do certain things that they wouldn’t normally do. Three of this several principles include the paradox of choice (which proves that when giving a lot of choice for any particular item, satisfaction decreases and sales decreases), scarcity (which…

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