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  • Fox And Squirrels Essay

    There are many creatures that live in this forest. There are the Rabbits and the Foxes and the Squirrels. This forest was just like any other forest, where the Foxes hunted the Rabbits and the Squirrels. But what happens when the prey get tired, and decide to change the system? The Rabbits and Squirrels have been hunted by the Foxes and other predators for as long as they remember, and two of them have finally decided to do something about it. “Just last night I got ambushed by the Fox and I…

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  • Comfort To The Corns Analysis

    James Gillray’s piece, Comfort to the Corns, is a very intriguing work of art. Gillray is known for creating social and political cartoons and caricatures. He did the majority of his art work in the style of etching and was active during the end of the 18th century—1792 through 1810. In the artwork, Comfort to the Corns, James Gillray depicts an elderly hag attending to her feet satirically, adding subtle humor and life to the piece. The piece that I believe speaks to me is James Gillray’s…

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  • PETA Advertisement Analysis

    for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which is the largest animal rights organization in the world, boasting over 5 million members and followers. The ad is meant to bring to light how the company, Harvey Nichols, abandoned their decade-long fur-free policy, to increase their revenue and consumers. Harvey Nichols hides behind a marketing ploy called Origin Assured, in which animals are guaranteed humane treatment before they are killed. Countries such as Finland, Sweden, the US and the…

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  • The Boundaries Of Fashion Design

    I have not yet fully explored. The Sibling Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is what I found tantalising to the senses and the unapologetic bold pink and contrasting textures stuck out to me this year and have inspired one of my designs for my A2 faux fur coat…

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  • Fur Trade Research Paper

    Popular histories often marginalize First Nations women when discussing the fur trade. However, these women were quite significant and contributed a great deal to the vast and rapid development of colonial fur trading, playing a unique but important role in fur trade. Also, the fur trade itself changed the culture of First Nations women permanently and altered their role in their society. European fur traders first came to Canada early in the 16th century, and by the 19th century their…

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  • Fashion In The Middle Ages

    everyday culture. It showed social status, career, or geographic origin, clothing could even use clothing to pay taxes. During the Middle ages clothing could show status by not just what they wore, but how they wore it. Although fashion has evolved, these same principals are similar in modern-day fashion. In the Medieval times the wealthy wore the latest styles, colors, and fabrics. For example knights wore expensive furs and velvets that were hard to obtain, while peasants wore rough…

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  • Animal Printing Persuasive Speech

    anticipated part of the year is finally here. Ladies, the wait is over and our favorite winters have set it. You don't have to wear the delicate and complex strapped dresses anymore. Cover up with exclusive coats and wraps and give a modish touch to your clothing. Simplicity is the key this fall so keep it plain n classy. The less embellish the fancy it gets. Get cozy with the coming trend. Here, I am going to give you a recap of the stylish and trendy pieces you can add to your attire that…

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  • Native American Research Paper

    from their families and put into government run boarding schools. They were kept away from their families to prevent them from picking back up their traditional values. Once at these schools, their hair was cut and they were put in typical American clothing to make them look more civilized. Mission schools also came about in this same time to teach young boys and girls about the Christian religion and to denounce their own traditional ideas. (Marr) This mass Americanization caused many young…

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  • Why People Wear Clothing And Group Identity

    businessmen in suits and ties, or construction workers in baggy jeans and t-shirts. Clothing is something that has become a necessity overtime. It not only defines people, but also shows the evolution of history. This begs the question as to why clothing? The basis for why we wear clothing includes cultural expectations focusing on group identity, protection, and individuality. The first reason as to why we wear clothing is because of cultural expectations, focusing on group…

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  • 2000 Fashion Trends Essay

    different styles (Kamal 2015). By the early 2000’s, designers started to incorporate more colors and patterns into their designs (Kamal 2015). They also had inspiration from vintage clothing of the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s (Kamal 2015). Women’s fashion took a more feminine turn as more women began wearing more revealing clothing (Kamal 2015). Men’s fashion of the 2000’s resembled fashion of the 1980’s (Kamal 2015). Men incorporated athletic attire into everyday wear (Kamal 2015). Men wore…

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