Analysis Of Ashley James's Animal Rights

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This image was created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which is the largest animal rights organization in the world. This is an image of a famous model, Ashley James, holding a skinned animal out with one arm. An expression of displeasure lingers on her face, her mouth slightly gaped open as if to say, “Look at what you 're doing by wearing fur.” The animal is held by its hind legs, a distance from the model 's body in a careless fashion. The animal 's corpse is a darker shade of red, a very similar shade to the color of red wine. It looks as if it was just skinned, raw and dripping of blood. Its front legs are positioned in a uncomfortable fashion, the way a cat would tuck its paws under itself to keep warm. Still present on the hind legs of the animal is bloodied fur, around where the model 's hand grasps. Most of the animal 's fur has been removed from its body, while its face is still mostly covered in fur. Its snout …show more content…
One of her hands is on her hip, as she holds the corpse away from her body as if to indicate a state of displeasure with the viewer. The nonchalant dangling of the animal 's corpse in the air suggests their role in the fur trade is of a subservient nature. Animals in the fur trade are seen as nothing more than a means to and end. They are mistreated their entire lives, from birth to their death, many not even reaching adulthood. They are kept in small cages, tight living areas, and have no means of freedom, which leads to boredom and self-inflicted mutilation. Pickett and Harris acknowledge this in saying, “The cramped and unstimulating cage environment on fur farms leads to the development of stereotypies, fur chewing and self-injury in mink and foxes” (29). They can 't fight back due to mentally and physically being damaged, and even if they try to, they are “mishandled and severely punished for their natural response to fear and distress”

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