The Ethical Treatment Of Animals Essay

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This is an image of a famous model, Ashley James, holding a skinned animal out with one arm. The image was created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which is the largest animal rights organization in the world, boasting over 5 million members and followers. The ad is meant to bring to light how the company, Harvey Nichols, abandoned their decade-long fur-free policy, to increase their revenue and consumers. Harvey Nichols hides behind a marketing ploy called Origin Assured, in which animals are guaranteed humane treatment before they are killed. Countries such as Finland, Sweden, the US and the other known "Origin Assured" countries are being exposed by PETA to illuminate to people that they truly don’t follow the guidelines of “Origin Assured” and continue to treat the animals neglectfully. Whether or not the standards of Origin Assured are taken into consideration is unknown by most.
This image uses varying degrees of blue hues as the main color choices for the advertisement. The woman’s dress is blue and so is the background of the image. Blue is typically used to display inner peace or truth. PETA wants you to trust that they are telling you the truth. As well, it is a color that represents sincerity. Blue represents peace and harmony. The poster is trying to persuade you to participate in a more harmonious life by choosing to treat animals the way you want to be treated, and stop supporting a company that uses real animal fur (possibly torturing…

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