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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hudson's Bay Company

    A Feud Over Fur 1821, two competitors merge to end fighting, and find strength, united. The Hudson’s Bay Company and the North West Company merged during July, 1821. This came after a tense competition between the companies since around 1787, which grew into that of a war; many battles were fought, and many ruthless actions were taken during that time. After pressure from the British government, the two companies merged; both realized that their battle would destroy both sides. The new company…

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  • Early American Colonization

    The colonization of the American’s brought considerable opportunities nevertheless, changes to the Native Americans. Different colonies thrived successfully, gaining profit from this new world. The Spanish paved the way for the colonization of the Americas. They demanded tribute from the conquered empires of the Aztecs and Incas. The tributes they received was working in their mines, which the Spanish profited enormously from. Neo Europeans are the colonists attempting to preserve their ancient…

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  • Colonization Of Power

    worth of sugar into London in 1686 alone (124 in outline). The fur trade was also of significance, especially to the French and Dutch (64 in outline, 147 in outline). Again, furs were a wonderful export because of the scarcity of pelts in Europe as well as the dense value (ease of shipping) of the fur. This made it imperative that New France and New Netherland be far enough north to trade with natives for thickest, most valuable furs. Canada and the mouth of the Hudson River became New France…

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  • Native American Traditions And Encounters Chapter 1 Analysis

    Throughout the first four chapters in the book the relationship between the Europeans and the Native Americans was a shallow one in certain aspects. The Natives were used as pawns for inland trading, fur, skins and other various goods. In conclusion, I found the relationship of people of the New World and the Old world interesting. As one group was trying to assimilate with the other group and one group was trying to assimilate to their way of life…

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  • Fur Trade Changes

    During the 17th and 18th centuries, European countries began to explore and trade with the Western Hemisphere of the world. This trade included ideas, disease, and goods; specifically fur which begins as a necessity and later becomes a worldwide luxury. The new-coming Europeans used this fur trade to their advantage and brought distinct and positive effects on the new America. This change, which was brought to the Americas through the European countries France, Spain and England, caused…

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  • Sports Clothing In The 1970's

    The changing of sports clothing from the 1970s to today Sports clothing has changed considerably from when sports first came out in the late 60s to the early 70s. Sports clothing from the 1960s to today is incredibly different from the material used, the price and the style. Today's athletic wear focuses more on the sport than the fashion in today's world. It was the opposite less than a century ago. Tennis was a sport created as a game for monks to play. Men would wear full-length pants, ties,…

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  • Personal Essay: Fashion Is A Piece Of Beauty

    “Fashion is more than just a material world, is a piece of art that not everyone understand. An art where every detail reflects their own beauty”. When I was little I always looked up for fashion, but I always said I was going to be a doctor, fireman, clown and dancer. I start growing up and I start to touch and feel fabrics, see how clothe was made, which colors and looks where in the season and to draw pieces that no one has and that where fashionable but beautiful at the same time. I always…

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  • We Re All Different In Our Own Ways By Joshua Yuschasz

    Have you ever seen people that look, dress, act, or have interest that are different from you? What do you think about them? They are a bunch of weird people, and you are likely start to tease and make them your laughing stock. After reading “ We’re All Different in Our Own ways” by Joshua Yuschasz from NPR’s This I Believe, I started to wonder about if I had ever done the same as those people stated earlier. If so, then I need to change my way of conceiving by giving them respect for their…

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  • Fashion Trends Inspired By Sexy Old School Style

    2016 Fashion Trends Inspired by Sexy Old School Style At this time of year we’re all already tired of hearing the fashion trends’ ‘New Year, new me’ statements. Well, breathe a sigh of relief, because here you’ll find what you really need to enter 2016 in style; a throwback to the sexy old school styles that had your digital cameras clicking. Whilst it’s easy – in fact necessary, to let go of trends such as fishnet tights and jeans with no back pockets (because the inconvenience is just too much…

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  • Ill-Fitting Shoes Persuasive Speech

    Take a look at these two pictures, which one you would choose to wear? how about these? Most of you would choose these one's , why? Because they are fashionable. But I would prefer these one's. I used to think like you before but something happened to me recently had really changed the way that I choose my shoes now. Before two weeks I got a phone call from my mother telling me that she had a surgery in her foot because of Pump Bumps, what? yes that exactly was my response. Pump Bump is when a…

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