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  • Neoplasm Case Study

    regenerate cells in planarian. Even prior to birth, from humans down to microscopic bacteria, there are a number of genes that dictate the nearly twenty-four-hour rhythm that develops a process which controls one’s physiology, behavior, and even gene expression, this process is known as the organism’s circadian rhythm (2). Of the many organisms that contain these circadian genes, the one organism that coordinates their rhythm in an interesting manner is the freshwater planarian (Schmidtea…

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  • Emotional Display Rules

    . Cultural meanings produce differences in the nature of relationships across cultures, which recruit different display rules to affect the regulation of emotional expressions in those relationships (Hwang. 2012). A main reason differences in emotional expressions exist may be because of cultural display rules. Hwang study focuses on the, perceived relationship commitment, which is, the motivation to meet and interact in the future and associate a feeling of closeness…

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  • Why Is Gmo Bad

    A lot of people don’t even know what GMO’s are? Either they don’t care to know, or just too naive to figure out exactly what GMO’s are. I believe GMO’s are bad for humans, unless you’re sick which I’m not, I see GMO’s as a bad thing. GMO’s or “genetically modified organisms” these could range from animals to plants that have been genetically altered with DNA from plants, animals, bacteria, and viruses. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) advises medical physician’s to…

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  • Valuable Presentation Aspects

    Key Aspects in Giving a Valuable Presentation Olivia Lyons Suryanka Thapa Clark University Author Note This paper was prepared for Course MGMT 170-02-F16 Managerial Management taught by Professor Cheryl Amantea Introduction The key aspects in presenting a valuable and successful presentation are outlined in this paper. These students discuss the key aspects in delivering the presentation, speaker notes, nonverbal aspects, voice quality and practice. Additionally,…

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  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions And Global Warming

    Between 2004-2014, carbon dioxide emissions increased at a shocking average rate of 2.5% annually.1 These carbon emissions come from a variety of sources such as homes, food production, and vehicle exhaust.2 The excess carbon in the atmosphere not only contributes to the greenhouse gas effect causing global temperatures to rise, but also has destructive effects on the environment such as extreme droughts, lowered biodiversity, and food source instability.3,4 In 2009, world leaders met in…

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  • Boudoir Shoot: Personal Narrative Analysis

    know how to look sexy for a photo. It is so unnatural to try and be someone you generally are not. It may be easy for some people, but my definition of a ‘natural sexy’ look is the “duck” face and let me tell you, it is not my attractive facial expression to say the least. So I get to the shoot already feeling self-conscious, when I realize all of my lingerie is mismatched.…

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  • Essay On Gummy Smile

    A smile expresses a feeling of joy, success, sensuality, affection and courtesy, and reveals self-confidence and kindness. The harmony of the smile is determined not only by the shape, position and the colour of the teeth but also by the gingival tissues1. Gummy smile is seen due to improper relation between gingival tissue and tooth, with gingival tissue in excess and tooth portion in a small amount. Excessive gingival display (EGD) commonly described as “gummy smile” is a frequent cause of…

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  • Cowpea Case Study

    3.4 DISCUSSIONS 3.4.1 Phenotypic characterization Accurate description of cowpea genotypes is crucial towards making a decision to release a variety as well as conservation of germplasm. The identities of 38 cowpea genotypes were established by using morphological characteristics described as cowpea descriptors (Makanur et al., 2013). Both quantitative and qualitative parameters considered in the current work showed variations among the 38 cowpea genotypes. Variation in growth habit was evident…

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  • Verbal And Nonverbal Communication

    Nonverbal Communications also know as the body language is a communiation when people send and recive wordless clues. ‘Non’ means ‘not’ and ‘verbal’ means ‘words’. It includes facial expressions, gestures but also tone of voice. Nonverbal Communication informs about basic emotional states, features of someone’s temperament but it can also inform about someone’s social status, origin, self-esteem and education. To understand nonverbal communication better it should be also known what exactly…

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  • Effects Of Cultural Barriers In Communication

    Communication is complete and perfect when the receiver understands the message in the same sense and spirit as the communicator intends to convey, here idea, and information reached to and responded by receiver remain unaltered and distorted. But practically it has been noticed that such perfect and complete communication does not take place because of certain obstacles or other factors known as “Communication barriers”, there are a lot of causes of misunderstanding and misrepresentations of…

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