Censorship Should Be Allowed On Campus Essay

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Our first amendment is one of our most widely used amendments throughout the US. It includes the freedom of religion, the freedom of the press, the freedom of assembly, and last but not least, the freedom of speech. While we undoubtedly use the freedom of speech the most among the rest of the freedoms in the first amendment, we sometimes go too far using or saying what we want to. There are a lot of restrictions on the first amendment which some people find to be a good thing and some oppose the concept of limiting one of their rights. On college campuses throughout America, many colleges have speech codes. Speech codes is defined as “any rule or regulation that limits, restricts, or bans speech beyond the strict legal limitations upon freedom …show more content…
College should be a place where everyone no matter what race, age, or ethnicity should feel comfortable and be able to enjoy their college experience without having to feel offended in any way. Many take their right to free speech out of context by offending others. Censorship is used in speech codes throughout many campuses across the country. As author John Katz quoted in Campus Speech Codes Violate Free Speech “In our time, the very context in which censorship occurs has changed radically. Censors have always assumed themselves to be acting out of moral, not censorious, concerns.” As time progressed censorship has changed a lot during the past couple of decades and continues to change drastically. As humans we all act as censors by thinking about what we say before we say it. If only we would all use our censors many students throughout colleges in America would feel a lot safer. That is where speech codes come into context. Speech codes are put into existence to protect students against harmful or harassing speech or forms of expression.
When students are put down and feel harassed they will start to feel less self-confident in their abilities socially and academically. With speech codes in place that restricts what other are allowed to say on campus. If students are not harassed they feel safer and will perform better and believe in

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