Freedom of information legislation

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  • Case Study: Laissez-Faire Leadership

    This committee will meet monthly and will be reinstituting public trust by the concept of open government and freedom of information. This committee will report to the City Council public meetings as needed. The committee will consist of elected residents from the City of Crestview and will be an independent entity. This committee will oversee the responses to public requests, record postings, and any other activity related to promote open government and freedom of information. This Committee will also serve as the Whistleblower within the City government to avoid any further violation of the Sunshine Law. Whistleblowing: Although bureaucratic lore commonly holds that uncovering unlawful waste, fraud, or abuse will result in chilling isolation, impossible job transfers, or other cruel and unusual forms of recrimination, there are still ways to fight back. There are means with which public servants can force a change in an organization’s course without being forced out of a job (Holzer & Schwester, 2011). As the Public Accountability…

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  • The Influence Of Anonymity On The Internet

    opinion without retaliation, allows people to share information, and for the preservation of personal freedom. The United States guarantees a right to the freedom of speech. This means that anyone in the United States can say whatever they want without fear of government retaliation or censorship. Other nations, like China, do not guarantee this right to their citizens. Though China has gone through lengths to deny their citizens of…

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  • The Importance Of The Internet In The Military

    dangers from state and non-state on-screen characters will proceed to develop and multiply. The across the board accessibility of ICT capacities permits less innovatively propelled foes to look for vital to strategic favorable position over U.S. capacities without interest in innovative advancement. Army developments will oblige access to dynamic digital capacities to hold preference over foes utilizing multiplied digital apparatuses. e. Army strengths will be U.S. based, sending into…

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  • Lloyd Axworthy's The Internet And Global Human Rights

    As technology advances, members of the free society are able to access an increasing wealth of information. However, the Internet will always have the potential to revolutionize the world, both for the betterment of everyone and the detriment of everyone. In Lloyd Axworthy’s article “The Internet and Global Human Rights,” he compares the positives and negatives of the Internet. People have a higher potential to use the internet to pursue unethical ideas than good because the internet allows for…

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  • Internet Censorship And The Internet

    central source of information, entertainment, and communication. Essentially the internet is vital for performing everyday tasks, but there are also negative sides to the internet. On a good note, almost anything can be researched on the web because it stores ample amounts of data. For example, students prefer to search the internet over searching through library books to find data while conducting a research paper. Also, people have access to an array of entertainment that suits their…

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  • Perincek V Switzerland Case Summary

    case Perincek v. Switzerland, about what the European Court of Human Rights Grand Chamber have judgment, where firstly court determine that it is not the court’s competence to make legally binding pronouncements and issue conclusion if there were genocide in 1915 ottoman empire where suffered Armenians . The court also interprets that court do not seek genocide denial or it’s justification, and pointed out that Swiss courts are authorized to determine, but the court also points out its…

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  • Business Plan And Objectives Of A Record Management Plan

    Records Management Business Plan Donegal County Council Roisín O 'Donnell October 2016 1. Objectives of a Record Management Plan. • To create awareness around good record management practices • To adhere to international standards • To ensure this organisation is compliant with current legislation • To ensure this organisation is accountable to the people it serves • To ensure our organisation is efficient in its day to day business activities 1.2 Scope Individual sections have…

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  • Surveillance And Panopticon

    over to whom their information is shared and their freedom of expression restricted, is “a society that breeds conformity and obedience and submission”. Under the panopticon, governments no longer need to wield olden day weapons of tyranny to force compliance of the population, because mass surveillance “creates a prison in the mind that is a much more subtle though much more effective means of fostering compliance with social norms or with social orthodoxy, much more effective than brute force…

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  • Understand The Importance Of Ethos In Schools

    making this information easily accessible, whether it be through the school website, in the school (on its development plan etc.) and through the ways in which staff and students support and behave towards each other. Staff – Staff are made aware of their duties and responsibilities before they start their jobs, this is through their job contract where it should be made clear what they are expected to do and how they are expected to do it. Staff also have meetings where the schools aims,…

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  • The Importance Of Human Resource Management In Canada

    The employer has the right to modify the employee work for legitimate business needs. As an employee, you have the right to be protected from harmful business practices. Also as the human resource manager of a new company you have to make sure that the company is fallowing all of the federal laws, and the provincial employment laws. Some of the different legislation’s that you need to fallow are the human rights legislation, Canadian charter of rights and freedoms, employment standards…

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