Perincek V Switzerland Case Summary

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Cases about genocide and denial of genocide

Perinçek v. Switzerland
One of the most famous cases about denial of genocide is the case Perincek v. Switzerland, about what the European Court of Human Rights Grand Chamber have judgment, where firstly court determine that it is not the court’s competence to make legally binding pronouncements and issue conclusion if there were genocide in 1915 ottoman empire where suffered Armenians .
The court also interprets that court do not seek genocide denial or it’s justification, and pointed out that Swiss courts are authorized to determine, but the court also points out its interest about Mr perincek’s statement’s qualification according to article 10(freedom of expression)
In this case, court finds violation of article 10, court discussed Article 8 of the Convention in field of
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On the other hand, if some action qualifies as genocide after that it can say, that the denial is an element of genocide and it is out of freedom of expression and we have the breach of law, which is out of the scope of freedom of

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