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  • The Importance Of Education In Freedom Writers

    In America, education is held to a high standard. Therefore, since America holds it to a high standard we are funded by our local taxpayers. Education and funding is probably one of the most taxed things in America. As seen in Freedom Writers, which takes place in a urban area in Los Angeles, Mrs. Erin Gruwell did not have the proper funding to give the proper education to her freshman students. The resources that she needed was not provided to her even if they did have some resources. If teachers come to work to teach, then why cant they get the proper education and funding whether their in an urban area or surbanian area? I will explain and support this by using logos, pathos, and ethos. Many say, “Go to school, get a education so you can…

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  • How To Write A Movie Analysis Essay

    As I was sitting on the couch over the past weekend, I decided to search for a good move on Netflix. As I began my search through the drama options I ran across the movie “Freedom Writers.” I was introduced to this movie during my freshman year at Prairie View A&M. It was a boring weekend on campus, and none of my friends were leaving to go back to their home towns so we decided to go to the theater on campus, that particular day they were playing “Freedom Writers,” and since none of us had ever…

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  • Freedom Writers Character Analysis Essay

    Surrounded by guns, drug deals, and unstable households leaves lost and undetermined kids. In this compelling movie, Freedom Writers the main Character Erin Gruwell(Hilary Swank) sees potential in grieving students when everyone else has lost hope in them. Long Beach, California is central for violence, drugs, and alcohol. For these students all they have known is love through gangs and rough households. Underneath the tough constructed attitude lies innocent kids who have lost faith in…

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  • Negative Teachers

    Although I do believe teachers are positive people and do many great things for students, I do understand not all teachers have the same enthusiasm. I chose to talk about “Freedom Writers”, this movie is based off of a true story and the teacher (Erin Gruwell) does many great things for her students. For instance, she inspires them, uses many teaching strategies and goes above and beyond to ensure her students success. Erin Gruwell inspires her students to realize there is more to life than…

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  • Social Inequalities In Freedom Writers, By Erin Gruwell

    The theory allows us to understand and change the social inequalities that exist in society. In the film, Freedom Writers, it shows the journey of a young teacher as she attempts to inspire a group of students who are considered to be "at-risk" students who come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Each of them is dealing with discrimination from their peers and educational inequality from the administration from the high school. Erin Gruwell ends up inspiring many of her students by proving…

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  • Koe No Katachi: A Silent Voice

    Logan Anderson Mrs. Towler ENG 101 27 November 2017 Koe no Katachi Koe no Katachi, also known as A Silent Voice, is a Japanese anime film produced by Naoko Yamada; which takes place from the perspective of Shoyo Ishida, the main protagonist in the movie. In the beginning of the movie, a young student by the name of Shoko Nishymiya transfers to Ishida’s elementary school. However, unlike the other students, Nishymiya is deaf and is unable to communicate verbally, which impacts her ability to…

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  • Jane Elliot Experiment Summary

    In 1968, after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr Jane Elliot a third-grade teacher performed an experiment with her students about racism. In the video, fourteen years later her former students who were in her third-grade class come back and watch the video to watch how she taught them about discrimination in a distinctive way. This experiment was conducted in two days on her third-grade students. In her experiment, she on one day made one group of her students the blue eyes superior…

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  • Sociological Issues In Freedom Writers

    Freedom Writers: Sociological Issues There are many films out in the industry that focus on detailing the works of everyday life. Those whose main message is to give us a more forward understanding in the society we as a nation live in. After going through a few, I narrowed it down to one film in particular that touches on many sociological issues we face every day to this day. Freedom Writers, a film influenced on true events, was released in January of 2007 under the production companies of…

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  • Analysis Of Freedom Writers

    This report is on the movie Freedom Writers, made in 2007 by Richard LaGravenese. As found in All Readers Freedom Writers summary by Guru Naila, a young 23 year old teacher at the Wilson High School is faced by diversity in her class, managing the diverse racial group from different backgrounds. Her students include Asian, Hispanic, African American, juvenile delinquents, and poor students. The students face many conflicts among each other, disliking and stereotyping each other based on…

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  • Character Analysis Of Erin Gruwell's Freedom Writer

    Freedom Writers, a story filled with the truth and violence, where gang violence and racial tension was everywhere. Between gang wars and dealing with physical abuse from their family; each Freedom Writer had their own horrible background. Left in a world where you only protect your “own,” one teacher brought her class together as a family. One teacher, who gave hope to a whole class that society had given up on. Freedom Writers started out with a bunch of stubborn, know-it-all ninth…

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