Koe No Katachi: A Silent Voice

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Logan Anderson
Mrs. Towler
ENG 101
27 November 2017
Koe no Katachi Koe no Katachi, also known as A Silent Voice, is a Japanese anime film produced by Naoko Yamada; which takes place from the perspective of Shoyo Ishida, the main protagonist in the movie. In the beginning of the movie, a young student by the name of Shoko Nishymiya transfers to Ishida’s elementary school. However, unlike the other students, Nishymiya is deaf and is unable to communicate verbally, which impacts her ability to make new friends at the school. She shows her way of communication to the class as she introduces herself through a notebook, and requests that anyone who wants to talk to her use the notepad to communicate with her. Sadly, even with the efforts of her teacher
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Even though his friends helped instigate the bullying, they begin to point fingers and blame Ishida for what happened to Nishymiya. Throughout the rest of elementary school, Ishida begins to notice that people are returning what he did to Nishymiya, bullying him by pushing him into ponds outside of the school, writing mean things on his desk, and stealing his sneakers. Then the movie cuts to five years later when both have gone on to different high schools. Shoya, who’s now a loner, unknowingly wins the friendship of Nagatsuka, a bullied boy, who helps him reconnect with Nishymiya. Though she still has a hard time with her disability, Ishida tries to reassemble the old gang from their younger school years. Sadly, the reunion only rips open old wounds and reignite rivalries (A Silent Voice, Yamada). Through beautiful, emotion-filled animation, A Silent Voice is a film that still holds a hugely significant amount of feeling, no matter how many times it is watched, this feeling of being able to relate to a film has never sharply struck out as this one did. A Silent Voice is a great film, dedicating itself to portray deep and untouched themes while

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