Cadburys Advert Analysis

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The commercial is commissioned by Cadbury selling their Dairy Milk chocolate that goes for a length of 60 seconds. The commercial features a gorilla that appears to have a delightful and happy expression during the advert playing a famous drum solo “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. The commercial is shot in a recording studio with a purple background which reinforces the brand Cadbury throughout the advert.

The selling tactic that is used is humorous because a gorilla playing a drum kit does not happen in reality. It is effective to the chocolate bar because it 's makes the commercial more memorable and people pay more attention to humorous adverts rather than serious ones. The target audience for Cadburys advert does not appeal to a
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The main colour associated with the product and advertisement is the colour purple. Purple symbolises royalty, power, nobility, creativity, and ambition. The colour purple is shown throughout the commercial for the audience to understand it is a Cadburys adverts ands sets the mood to the commercial. The commercial is set in a simple music studio with just a drum kit, speakers and Cadbury 's trademark purple as a background. It creates the emotion of relaxed and financially low in price as it 's simple and not fancy. The colour of the drum kit is silver which symbolises the inside of the chocolate bar packaging and is a bold image for the company. In the commercial the gorilla playing the drum kit brings humour to customers and it would not be funny or interesting if it was replaced by a real male/female. A Gorilla costume is chosen in the advert as gorilla associate with freedom and gives the audience a sense of escape and by buying the chocolate they will also gain a sense of freedom.
The body language bonds with the music, as the beat progress using recognisable music the gorilla, shows a range of facial expression. The gorillas nose starts to flare as he is shutting his eyes and rolling his neck, this keeps the audience going because you know something is going to happen. As soon as the song is at the main point, the gorilla starts to play the drum kit showing a lot of body language as it

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