Rhetorical Analysis: ASPCA Commercial Ft Sarah Mclachlan

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Alexus Ford
English 101-10513
14 Oct. 2017
Professor Cuaves
Rhetorical Strategies in: ASPCA Commercial Ft Sarah McLachlan The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals. Based in New York City since its inception in 1866, the organization’s mission is “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the united states. The ASPCA commercial achieved the sole purpose of swaying its viewers into being more inclined to donate to the organization through pathos, logos, and ethos. The commercial advertises the purpose of the ASPCA, asking viewers to join and donate to help the organization. It opens the eyes of viewers, raises awareness towards animal cruelty, and uses heart breaking images and background music to set a somber tone and emotion to encourage the target audience to donate, purchase or help provide shelter for these
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This itself is how the organization shows Ethos. She’s being used as an advocate. She’s a public figure whom is well known, and respected by many. Thus, making her a perfect candidate as a spokesperson. She relates to the audience by simply just being there supporting the organization, and having a conviction voice upon speaking. She is shown with the dog in her lap at some sort of home, petting the dog lovingly and even looks at it a few times. This supports the effectiveness of not only what she is saying, but as well as what she believes. This setting leads the audience to believe that this is what she truly cares about, and is truthful in what she is proclaiming to the audience. Towards the end of the Heartfelt commercial, we see websites to visit, as well as numbers to call. That is another great use of Ethos being demonstrated. Credibility makes the organization seem legitimate. A perfect way of bringing the audience together to join this

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