Six Flag Amusement Park Commercial Analysis

Everyone hungers for some fun no matter where they live and the Six Flag Amusement Park commercial visibly displays and exemplifies this. The usual summer of a middle class town is turned upside down in the right direction, as an astonishing guess arrives and entices the town with his unexpected golly. In this paper I will evaluate and analyze that the purpose of the Six Flags commercial was to influence friends and families to go to the amusement park by explaining who the sender and receiver are, the channel of communication and the message and or purpose of the commercial lastly along with the context of the iconic commercial. The commercial opens with a quiet town, where middle class citizens carry out their daily chores. Children help their families with the chores without a single smile. In a matter of fact no one was in particularly smiling. Everyone was accomplishing their chores simply because …show more content…
By playing the tune throughout various scenes and narrations, the jingle quickly becomes notable. The mascot, who is a combination of comical and friendly, provides a comforting evidence that indeed the amusement park can provide the necessities to having an awesome playtime. The narration could have been taken out as the non-verbal signs such as facial expression, actions, and gestures were enough to show the message of the commercial. In conclusion, by providing the audience with sense of comfort yet surprising catchy mascots and tunes, the Six Flag commercial successfully pulls in a wide and large crowd of all ages, races and genders. By tuning the narration to be like a child’s story appeals to children whereas the imageries shown greatly appeals to the older crowd. Lastly, by having the old man dance happily, shows adults while entertaining the younger crowd that one can never grow too old for some playtime especially at the Six Flag amusement

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