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  • How Long Is The Ted Talk Adora Svitak

    tone helps keep the audience engaged because when she says something super important she uses a strong, loud, and faster tone, which then the audience always claps afterwards. Adora does an amazing job with nonverbal communication by using facial expressions and by using eye contact with the audience. This really helps keep the audience engaged more and showing that they really care about what she is…

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  • Gaze Eye Contact

    Eye Contact: The Power of The Gaze Whilst engaging in social communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, eyes play a crucial role in expressing and identifying certain focus points and attention cues among humans. Direct and prolonged eye contact is more common during communication in European American and Arab cultures, while Latin American, Japanese, and African cultures perceive direct eye contact as an insult (Weiten, 2012). This research paper will entail research wholly from American and…

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  • Dna Makes Protein Research Paper

    DNA makes proteins. DNA is stored in the nucleus and contains phosphates (a phosphate includes nitrogen bases). DNA is made up of these phosphates, but, in making polypeptides, or a protein, the nitrogen bases are the most important in his process. To make a polypeptide, the helicase unzips the double helix figure, making two rows, or strands, which are one side of all of the nitrogen bases. Floating nitrogen bases string the opposite of these sides, to make an original copy, but leave, ending…

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  • Prader Willi Syndrome Essay

    transcribed. The deletion of the paternal allele, which occurs in 70% of cases (this occurs when a segment of the paternal chromosome 15 is deleted in each cell), or maternal uniparental disomy (UPD), which occurs in 25% of cases, leads to loss of expression of SNRPN gene, and thus, to Prader-Willi syndrome. UPD causes the affected individual to have two copies of chromosome 15 inherited from their mother instead of one copy from each parent. Prader-Willi syndrome can also be caused by a…

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  • Granulocytic Differentiation Of HL-60 Cells

    and differentiation of normal and leukemic cells of the hematopoietic, or white blood cell lineage (Xie et al., 1998). HL-60 cells are invaluable as they are easy to maintain, differentiate and can be used to investigate cell development, or gene expression. HL-60 cells can be used to induce differentiation via signal transduction into monocytes, granulocytes, and lymphocytes using various chemical agents (Cirtain et al., 2016). HL-60 cells are also used to test differentiation by viewing the…

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  • Competency Of Bacterial Cells

    Purpose statement To see how cells become competent in order to observe gene transfer, for competency plays a key role in order for transformation to take place. Transformation Transformation is a process which involves the change in a bacterial cells genetic makeup due to the uptake of exogenous DNA (Lorenz and Wackernagel, 1994). This process can happen in two different ways, either naturally or artificially. Natural Natural transformation is the bacteria’s ability to acquire naked DNA that…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Gene Control

    The Basics of Gene Expression and Control Genetics is a very diverse field of science, because it encompasses so many aspects of not only what happens inside organisms, but also how offspring relate to parents and ancestors and many other processes. Although every bit of genetics is important, many things in an organism would not be possible without the expression of genes. Through expressions of genes, organisms provide for themselves and "fulfill" what is the basis of their genetic…

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  • Irx3

    gene expression changes found in Arabidopsis after the insertion of the IRX1, IRX3, and IRX5 mutants(Brown). 1A shows the principal component data collected from the targeted areas of the plant(Brown). 1B shows a comparison of gene expression of the base and tip of the stem and the change of level(Brown). 1C shows the slope of genes most likely to be related to IRX3(Brown). From Figure 1B, it is shown through analysis that there are several hundred genes that show an increase in expression…

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  • Coffee Shop Ethnography Paper

    individuals or groups and makes the building blocks of society. In human interaction, there is a constant exchange of nonverbal and verbal communication. Nonverbal communication involves communication without a spoken language and includes facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, spatial differences,body position and posture known as body language. Nonverbal communication is informative when observing and analyzing interactions and how individuals react to each other. Additionally, the…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 2 Protein Lab Report

    Question 1: a) A: Promoter B: Splice site C: 5’ UTR D: Start codon E: Stop codon F: 3’ UTR b) The sum of the exons and introns (all in kilobases) (1.2+8+0.7+27+0.4+11+3.1) = 51.4 kb. c) The sum of the exons (all in kilobases) (1.2+0.7+0.4+3.1) = 5.4 kb. d) RNA Protein Truncation mutation in exon 2 Same length, same amount of RNA produced. Shorter in length (due to earlier stop codon), same amount of protein produced, usually changes the protein to non-functional, though not always. 3bp in…

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