Free Speech Debates Summary

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Eddie S. Glaude, writer of “The Real ‘Special Snowflakes’ on Campus Free-Speech Debates”, tackles a well-argued question asked by liberals and conservatives. Do students who are attending college universities have the right to protest on campus? Right off the bat, Glaude categorizes conservatives as those who are against freedom of speech. This is the first small yet obvious piece of bias- bagging on conservatives. By placing them in this category, students now look at all conservatives as people who are not only against their protest, but against any ideas the students may be protesting. Glaude does a fine job of explaining this accusation by naming the reasons why conservatives are against this issue. Making his bias even more slight, the conservative’s opinion is reassured thought background information. “With horror, they recall what happened to Charles …show more content…
Is it acceptable to argue and defend your own opinion as a college student on your university’s campus? Conservatives say that this new generation’s voice is too violent, even to the point that the student’s teachers are afraid of getting threats because of things they have said in their own classrooms. These conservatives set aside freedom of speech in hopes of protecting their fellow teachers and classmates.
What a relief it is to know that the writer of an article is not only a real person, but also an educated one. By bringing forth his personal life into his writing, Glaude is giving background information about himself- “I ran smack into this argument on Morning Joe, where I often appear”. Now knowing that Glaude is an educated speaker, I am able to trust his words- or at least begin to trust his words. This is what the people what and this is who the people will listen to. Students grow up to trust and listen to adults, and right now these qualities are what university protestors

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