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  • Interview Of Cameron Ganous As A Firefighter

    Cameron Ganous is a firefighter of Station 2 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cameron is shockingly enough not a macho or super buff man. He doesn’t have huge muscles and Cameron isn’t the tallest guy in the room. Although he is very athletic and quick on his feet, Cameron doesn’t match the typical stereotype of a Hollywood firefighter. His job entails fighting fire, rescue, working the Ladder Company and EMT work. Before I began researching Cameron’s background, I knew very little about his heroic…

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  • Volunteer Firefighter Research Paper

    There is only one qualification required for them to accept you as a volunteer firefighter is that you are eighteen years or older. They generally accept anyone because they could you use as much help as they can get. There is a required two hundred and twenty-hour volunteer education workshop. There are no required hours or days that you have to volunteer, it is whenever you can give. They really appreciate anything because every little bit helps. They’re very lenient with the volunteers that…

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  • The Importance Of Paying Attrincement In The Fire Service

    Paying attention to detail is extremely important. Firefighters need some form of discipline to effectively to their job. Attention to detail is very critical for anyone working in the fire service. Firefighters are professionals, and must act accordingly. They must work as a team to properly handle certain situations. Paying close attention to the detail of any duty is vital for success. It’s their responsibility to pay attention to keep the crew safe. The fire service is a tradition that…

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  • Informative Essay On Firefighting Technology

    better on preventing and predicting future fires that can cause harm to the surrounding area. This topic is very important because not only it involves safety to people, but also structures. Saving lives when a fire occurs is the main priority for a firefighter, but also the occurring fire that is taking place in hand is also a priority because we do not want that fire to spread and cause more damage and even take potential lives. Also, keeping buildings save from fire is an important issue…

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  • Firefighting

    fires. In fact, most of a firefighter’s day is spent at the firehouse. Most firefighters work 24 hour shifts. They go to work at 7:00 in the morning and leave at 7:00 the next day. They have a lot to do. First on their list is to check that all the equipment is working. A firefighter does not want to get to a fire and find out that there is a leak in the hose! Fire fighters also spend time in training every day. Firefighters do a lot more than just fight fires, so there is a lot to learn. They…

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  • Example Of Narrative Essay On Kfc

    “Don 't you dare come any closer!” said a corpulent man, holding a broken piece of glass that was on the floor. Adam Corcuera and Steven Blackwell were the first paramedics to the KFC and were trying to tend to the stab victim on the floor but this bellicose individual would not let them. So the paramedics had no choice but to wait for the police to show up. While they were waiting Adam was staring at the stab victim and knew he only had minutes to live if he did not get immediate medical…

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  • Call That Changed My Life

    immediately stood up, as the rest of the crew grabbed their gear and put it on the truck. I grabbed my bunker gear and quickly put it on, as I mumbled to myself, "just like in training, you got this", trying to calm myself down as an eager new firefighter wanting to be the knight in shining armor. I opened the cab door and climbed into Fire Engine 1, the bay doors open and we're off, engine one enroute, lights and sirens blazing through traffic, the feeling was exhilarating, the rush, the…

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  • Aurora Fire Department History

    over 300,000 citizens of the city of Aurora. Plenty has happened with the Aurora fire department, making it set the standard when it comes to the Colorado firefighting community. Beginning in 1902 as a volunteer fire department, with only a few firefighters, the city of then Fletcher passed its first fire prevention ordinance, stating, “that no…

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  • Fire Chief Case Study

    I will be commenting on the following dilemma a fire chief than is working to serve his firefighters to protect the community versus a fire chief that works for the government to protect the community. I will indicate if this dilemma is true or false and why. Being a leader of a Fire service in any place in our modern world is no easy task with more and more being demanded from communities and less that governments want to provide the harder this task will become in the future. Through reading…

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  • Analysis Of The Firefighter's Turnout Jacket

    protect the Firefighter. The Turnout Coat is a very interesting piece of equipment, as it has changed throughout history. It is used by every Firefighter around the world, either Volunteer or paid. Also the many materials that are put into such a unique piece of clothing. The everyday Firefighter has in one shape or another type of personal protective jacket that protects them from the very toxic and chemical debris inside of a burning structure. The turnout jacket keeps the Firefighters…

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