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  • Fire Risk Assessment

    The prevention of fire hazards in the workplace requires the use of two approaches i.e. fire risk assessment and implementation of best practices towards promoting fire safety in the working environment. The use of these approaches should be accompanied with compliance with legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety. The organization should examine state and federal laws regarding occupational health and safety, particularly fire safety and develop and implement policies and practices that comply with these legal requirements. Fire Risk Assessment A fire risk assessment of the workplace is the first step towards ensuring fire safety for all organizational personnel. The fire risk assessment basically entails examining the work activities or operations and materials that could enhance the risk fire hazards and cause harm to people (Health and Safety Works, p.8). The fire risk assessment helps in identifying the probability of a fire starting in the workplace, the potential danger or harm of the fire on workers’ lives, evaluating the suitability and effectiveness of the existing fire precautions, and assess the need for any more precautions. The process of conducting a fire risk assessment entails a series of steps that help in evaluating various aspects related to fire safety and developing and implementing necessary measures to lessen the risk of fire hazards in the workplace. The first step in this process is identifying probable fire hazards in the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Cement Roofing

    How to Prevent Cement Roof Tiles Surface from Deterioration? Roof cement tiles are durable materials that can be used for roofing, but just like other materials of its kind, they too are actually prone to deterioration. Over time, these tiles develop structural defects and these defects only show up many years after they are installed. The problem is, not all defects that develop in cement tiles can be rectified. That is why it is important to know how to prevent cement roof tiles from…

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  • What Is Thermosel Stainless Steel Bellow Expansion Joint?

    harvesting/utilization systems, agricultural and horticulture places. We offer this Aquatherm PP-R Piping System that is technically suitable to your piping system requirements. Aquatherm PP-R Piping System is available in various types depending on their color and usage. Different types of Aquatherm PP-R Piping System available: • Aquatherm® Blue Pipe (climatherm) • Aquatherm® Red Pipe (firestop) • Aquatherm® Green Pipe (fusiotherm) • Aquatherm® Lilac Pipe Certifications that ensure that…

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  • Hilti Competitive Advantage

    Operational Hilti makes a wide array of products within their organization. In the beginning they started out with a pneumatic actuated tool to drive nails. It worked well, but needed some improvements to maintain the force but reduce the speed in which it works. Through interaction at construction sites and customer feedback Hilti branched out with more products one tool at a time over the decades. This slow, but precise growth has enabled Hilti to maintain positive growth and is a strength…

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