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  • Pushing The Limit Analysis

    Pushing the limits that we abide by provides the catalyst to extending our perceived barrier. About four years ago during the summer before freshman year, I attended a leadership camp run by a group called Calleva, where I took part in a large variety of activities meant to strengthen yourself and your ability to work and understand others. We did activities that could range from breaking boards, to hiking a trail we had only been on once before in the middle of the night with no flashlights. These activities were structured around tasks that were done during the day, such as using a map and compass to get from point A to point B with nothing but our partners. The whole week was structured to build up our confidence, ending in a large event to prove to each other that we could accomplish more than what we thought. One thing that the camp made sure we all knew was that all of the events were optional and they would help us through them unless we did not feel we could make it, due to our personal fears. One event lead to the next starting with the night hike and ending with the fire walk. A walk which took each of the ten of us, from one side of twelve feet of hot coals to the other without getting burned. The decision for each of us meant something different. For some it was to get past a personal fear of getting burned but for others it was greater. Personally I felt that the walk would prove to myself that if I wanted to do something, anything and did it with the right…

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