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  • The First Crusade

    Before the First Crusade took place, tensions between Muslims and Christians already existed. Muslims and Christians were both taking pilgrimages to the Holy Land, but each group truly thought the Holy Land belonged to them alone. Seljuk Turks wanted to overtake Islamic regions and regions that did not follow Islam, but they focused more on taking power from other Muslims and not from the “West,” or Christendom. The Turks did attack Byzantium, which was already weak, so the empire had to rely on European troops for military support. When the emperor sent this plea to Pope Urban II, he reworded it to make it seem like a war to take back a Christian region, which created a misinterpreted call to war. Despite past tensions, Pope Urban II’s misconstrued…

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  • First Crusaders

    Many believe the crusaders of the First Crusade set out to claim land, gold, or wealth, and for some this is true. However, for others this is not the case. Bohemond of Taranto set out on crusade for pious and not opportunistic reason. He led his men throughout the battles they encountered and they made him their leader for his leadership abilities; he actually led the whole crusading mission. He set the example by willingly devoting his allegiance to Alexius I Comenus, who he had a strained and…

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  • The First Crusade: The Cause And Effects Of The First Crusades

    unsuccessful in achieving this goal and only one notable, historical crusade has done this and has succeeded, but at a price. There hasn’t been a movement more momentous than the First Crusade. The First Crusade was a pilgrimage turned military expedition to Jerusalem that was sponsored by Pope Urban II at the Council of Clement in November 1095 in the aspiration to set out from the west to the recover the holy city from the hands of the Muslims. The aim of this paper is to examine the…

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  • Put First Things First And Think Win-Win Habit 3 Analysis

    Put First Things First and Think Win-Win Covey’s habit 3 and 4 are First Things First which is about the practice of priorities in time management in a private victory and habit 4 is Think Win-Win which is about a public victory balancing courage and empathic in relationships. Habit 3 reminds me of putting God first. He is my center and sound principle. Habit 4 is reaching out to my neighbor that is a win-win. I am reminded to love my neighbor as myself. In addition win-win is a excellent way…

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  • The First Crusade: An Analysis

    The First Crusade had many parties involved like the Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Byzantine citizens. From these parties, Muslims and Christians had both unfavorable views of each other and antagonistic relationships. The relationship between the Christians and Jews was one of the killer and killed and the Jews reacted with dread, terror, and resentment. The Byzantine emperor considered the Christians family and considered the thought of killing them in battle “fratricide” . During the First…

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  • Essay On The First Folio

    Many of William Shakespeare’s greatest works easily could have been lost forever in the beginning of the sixteenth century. It is only due to the First Folio, a collection of Shakespeare’s plays that has allowed for Shakespeare’s stories to live centuries after his death. Generations of people have been able to study his works and memorize his lines because of this one very important historical document. The First Folio easily could be argued the most influential book related to English…

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  • First Crusade Essay

    The First Crusade brought about a new nature of war that was seen as a new way to salvation by many of the warriors who fought during this time. This holy war was fought in the name of God, and created in a sense, an ethical revolution that caused the idea of violence to be viewed much differently. Many of the Christian warriors believed that they would be placed in heaven for killing their enemies in the name of God, and viewed the slaughter of their adversaries as righteously just, adding to…

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  • First Nations Community

    The members of Canada’s First Nation’s community are suffering at the hands of our past government and justice system. Looking at the issue of the numerous missing women, high rates of suicide and drug abuse and currently the reconciliation issue of residential schools. The policing of persons belonging to the First Nation community in Canada are not fair nor equal compared to the policing of other Canadians such as Caucasians. “It’s (sic) could be a suicide, accidental, she got drunk and fell…

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  • First Nations In Canada

    First Nations people in Canada comprised the different cultures the six geographical groups. The differences occurred in spiritual beliefs, food resources, and social organization. The first group, the woodlands first nations comprised of independent groups who possessed great courage and skills for hunting. The Iroquoians were excellent farmers and had permanent settlements that enabled them to have democratic systems of government. The Huron-Wendat based their leadership on councils that made…

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  • First Crusade Dbq

    The First Crusade The First Crusade marked on of the first times in history that the Christian religion considered violence and war against non-believers to be justified. There were a few reasons behind the pope calling the Crusade, and a lot more which explain why there was so much support for it within the Christian community In addition, the success of the First Crusade can be attributed to a variety of factors, but the religious and political climate at the time within the Muslim world…

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