Pushing The Limit Analysis

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Pushing the limits that we abide by provides the catalyst to extending our perceived barrier. About four years ago during the summer before freshman year, I attended a leadership camp run by a group called Calleva, where I took part in a large variety of activities meant to strengthen yourself and your ability to work and understand others. We did activities that could range from breaking boards, to hiking a trail we had only been on once before in the middle of the night with no flashlights. These activities were structured around tasks that were done during the day, such as using a map and compass to get from point A to point B with nothing but our partners.
The whole week was structured to build up our confidence, ending in a large event
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Prior to the journey over the twelve feet of coals, I had managed to injure my back in some way that I still have no idea how or what I had done to it. The pain flexed its muscles in dominance over me right after everyone had crossed. Just as the adrenaline began to wear off, the immense pulsing pain coming from my back grew and grew as my natural pain reliever wore off. Yet ignoring this small factor when I look back that was the only down side to the whole experience as I gained friends and a better understanding for my limits and what could be done. Yet the benefits of crossing far outweighed the negatives as the cross is something that comes about my mind far more frequently than the apparent back pain that I endured during that summer. Experiences in my mind come at some cost, as nothing in this world is free, but rather takes some form of currency. That could be monetary, or that could be through work and determination. Yet the end result determines the worth of such a payment and in the case of the fire walk the experience and hype of crossing the coals is something that is priceless to me. The choice to walk or not to walk across, came from the idea that early on that we are told not to touch fire. Yet the precedent set by such an idea when broken could represent the gap from the unknown of the impossible, to the new known possible. After the celebration wrapped up for the night, we came together once again to speak of the meaning of the fire walk, and the meaning is different to everyone. The meaning to me is the idea and belief that I can overcome and set new boundaries for myself. That in itself is enough for me if given the opportunity to change what I had chosen that night to say I would have changed nothing. That night qualified to be one of the most memorable nights of my life, and the experience is inexplicable

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