Hilti Competitive Advantage

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Hilti makes a wide array of products within their organization. In the beginning they started out with a pneumatic actuated tool to drive nails. It worked well, but needed some improvements to maintain the force but reduce the speed in which it works. Through interaction at construction sites and customer feedback Hilti branched out with more products one tool at a time over the decades. This slow, but precise growth has enabled Hilti to maintain positive growth and is a strength over their competition. ("Hilti Corp.’s growth—one tool at a time," n.d.)
Since the beginning their product lines have increased to fasteners, cordless drills, diamond cutting and coring, firestops, installation systems, measuring systems, construction
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They make over 200,000 connections with their customers every day providing quality, durability and ease-of-use of their products. Their mission is to help achieve the goal of improving their customers’ productivity. ("Building Value - Hilti USA," n.d.) Hilti products are made using a specific recipe: one-third observation, …show more content…
They are located in Europe, Asia, and North America. Each of the plants has a relatively small workforce with the largest at their Hilti GmbH Industriegesellschaft fur Befestigungstechnik in Kaufering, near Munich employing 500 people and about 70 apprentices. Their European groups have apprentices at every plant further developing their leadership teams. ("Hilti - Plant Kaufering (D)," n.d.) Hilti is an ISO 9001 company since 2008 who complies with the ISO standards for quality control and assurance by evaluating the technical processes used to manufacture their products. ("ISO Certificate - Hilti USA," n.d.) The process starts at the inception of product design and is then continued through production. It is then evaluated through a series of tests designed to challenge the product under normal usage. Product evaluation continues at the customer to ensure the product meets the needs it was intended. Through customer feedback Hilti takes what they have learned to either put the product into full production or pull it back to make changes to support customer needs. This helps drive Hilti’s success and allows them to manufacture a quality product at a premium price outlasting their competitors’ similar

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