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  • Firefighting Narrative Report

    The quiet morning of Friday, Oct. 28 yielded a good time for a few American heroes to properly train cadets from the Blythe Area. Proudly serving in Quartzsite, Captain Aaron Martinez, firefighters Joe Sain and William Aaron taught cadets Angelo Urias and Dorita Castro essential skills for being a public safety professional. Firefighting, a dangerous process of extinguishing fire and providing adequate medical assistance in some cases, is a demanding field that few are brave enough to sign up…

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  • Community Risk Reduction Plan

    department knowing what risks they are challenged with, a community risk reduction plan will also show how the fire department will deal with the risk. One way the fire department can deal with it is by using the “e’s” as Jim Crawford stated in the Firefighter Nation. The first e is emergency response- this can could mean creating a new standard operating procedure or recreating the automatic and mutual agreement to have a quicker and better equipped response from the first arriving companies to…

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  • Battalion Chief Case Study

    hot topics in the fire service is cancer prevention. Through the collaboration of organizations such as the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, the International Association of Firefighters, the Firefighter Cancer Foundation, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and other groups are working together to raise awareness and the prevention of cancer in firefighters. The issue is far too large and impacts too many lives to be addressed by a single organization. Cancer prevention will…

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  • Community Risk Reduction Analysis

    In previous decades fire departments were worried when the next fire, however firefighters in the current day need to think on ways on protect the community at a higher level of effectiveness. Moreover, even though this tactic was preventing families and firefighters from becoming harmed, it was not an acceptable tactic. Due to, many of the outcomes in the codes and standards that are present in today’s world are from harmful…

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  • How Did 9/11 Influence American Culture

    Unbreakable: How Artists Influence American Values After 9/11 September 11, 2001. Even fifteen years later the very mentioning of that date conjures deeply buried emotions in Americans. Clearly, America has not forgotten the events of 9/11, but neither have its artists of all mediums. Photographers use their camera to arouse these guarded emotions by employing rhetorical devices to create arguments. An image, capturing but a single moment in history, can communicate a profound argument and evoke…

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  • Worcester Cold Storage Fire Case Study

    December 3rd 1999, killing 6 firefighters. This fire; even though it was a tragedy was a blessing in disguise because it gave fire fighters a new perspective on firefighting. The cause of the fire is reported to be started by 2 homeless men who were seeking shelter in the Worcester warehouse. Its been said that the fire started from a candle tipping over that the homeless men lit, and left without reporting the fire. The fire was finally called in from an off duty firefighter and police officer…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Thermal Imaging Cameras

    Joseph Gore Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC) in the Fire Service The fire service, as we know it today, has come a long way since its beginning. It began in 24 BC in Rome. One of the first technologies used were a line of men and a few buckets of water, which were used to extinguish the fire. Another of the first technologies was an axe that was used to create holes that would allow heat and smoke to escape from the structure. Compared to the ancient times, today’s technologies have improved…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Day Before A Ride Along

    wouldn’t have to deal with finding a parking spot. Upon arriving to the station I had a quick hug with my father before he departed for home. I grabbed all my equipment and the muffins I bought the day prior from the car and walked over to the first firefighter I saw, who was a middle aged asian man who greeted me with a warm smile, not completely aware that there was to be a ride along this day. Which did not surprise me entirely, especially in hindsight, seeing how busy their lives are, and…

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  • First Responder And Emergency Responses

    trained in the emergency response field. First responders may have multiple tiers of training, depending on what the requirements are for the services they provide Firefighter is defined as a person who fights fires; spec. a member of a fire service trained to extinguish fires and to provide other emergency and rescue services. (firefighter, n." OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2016. Web. 21 March 2016).Fire fighters work either full or part-time, in an accredited firehouse, under the…

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  • Firefighting Research Paper

    everything is in the right place and working properly. Although having state of the art equipment and education is critical to building a great firefighter, yet there is one thing that surpasses all the others, being smart and…

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