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  • Gas Line Repair Essay

    Gas Line Repair Fort Worth A natural gas emergency always requires a qualified, licensed, professional plumber. Never attempt gas line repair in Fort Worth yourself. If you suspect a gas leak, you should always call 911. A rotten egg, sulfur-like odor is added to natural gas to help people identify gas leaks. When you smell this odor, leave the building, and call 911 immediately once you are a safe distance away. When the emergency is over, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can repair the problem, and…

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  • Essay On Being A Firefighter

    I am a woman. I am a firefighter. Oftentimes it feels like those two statements were never meant to be said together, but I say them proudly. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to smile politely or laugh awkwardly when a stranger hurled a cliché in my direction, I’d be quite wealthy. It’s not easy being a firefighter. It’s definitely not easy being a female firefighter; however, being a woman in the fire service is rewarding despite its challenges. Among the challenges, it is my…

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  • Firefighter Personal Statement

    Personal Statement My professional goal is to become a Firefighter. Achieving this profession, I want to show that I can serve everyone who looked up to me because I think that will make me a true firefighter. I will try my best to reach my goal because I too want to serve our nation. If I earn my diploma at Honoka’a High & Intermediate School, I would go to college, graduate from college and I would join the Firefighter Department. My other goal is to attend four years at the University of…

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  • Firefighter Arsonist Essay

    One of many public safety professions, firefighters are on call twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. They are ready at a moment’s notice to risk their lives in order to save others. They are regarded with the highest of honor, trust and admiration by people all over the world. Best known for putting out fires, running into a burning buildings and saving lives in various forms of distress. Heroes of life safety and property conservation, firefighters are global icons, and uphold a…

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  • The Importance Of Firefighter Hats

    Activity name: Firefighter Hat Age group: 4 year old Objective(s): The child should know the reason why it is important that firefighters have to wear a fire hat. They should know that fire hats comes in several different colors. At the end of this activity, the children should be able to paint and cut to better their fine motor skills. The purpose of the firefighter hat activity is to keep one of their main body parts of the firefighter body safe from danger and to have a better understanding…

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  • My Observation Of Firefighters

    Many boys want to become firefighters, motovated by the lights and sirens of a fire apparatus.As these boys become men, they start learning about what firefighters truely do and there motovation quickly evaporates. This is not the case for me. I started out like many boys, motivated by the bright and loud fire truck. As I grew older and started learning more about the fire service. I became more motivated by both the dangers and rewards of the fire service, and started looking at the fire…

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  • Becoming A Firefighter Analysis

    In the ethnography “Becoming a firefighter” by Matthew Desmond it discusses why people take on risky jobs such as a firefighter when they could easily take on jobs that are much safer to do. Matthew offers an explanation for this in his ethnography when he talks about the term habitus famously coined by sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. He discusses how there are two types of habitus. The first type is the general habitus, which is formed when we are very young and then there is the specific habitus,…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Firefighter

    I woke up on a crystal clear morning “time for work” I sighed aloud to make it sound better than it actually was.Some people think it's difficult being a firefighter I honestly have to say it's easy… for me, I can find my way out of things pretty easy. so I arrived early about 6:00 I was ready to sit and do nothing for the entire day. By 7:39 some of my friends had to go deal with some “simple fire” I never quite understood the difference between a major fire; and a small fire they are both…

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  • Fireboat Firefighter Poem

    It begins with only a subtle murmur, yet this faint inclination proceeds unceasingly to a deepset rumble from over the hillside- its enthralling(/captivating?), knowing its coming, that anticipation of awe. It comes now thundering into sight, a great steel workhorse of such immense magnitude- it convinces even the iron rails upon which it rides to sing and arc with stresses. It barges past, its mechanical heart pounding out a relentless beat, reverberating even the air within your throat- as it…

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  • Distress Among Firefighters

    issue Firefighters are exposed to toxic substances and carcinogens while they perform their duties at the scene. A significant number of firefighters don't receive workers' compensations benefits. For example, the fire departments in Atlanta do not have policies in order to limit exposure to toxic substances and dangerous chemicals, thus increasing the potential risks among firefighters to develop dangerous diseases such as cancer (“CBS46 Investigation,” 2014). In any fire incident, firefighters…

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