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  • Django Unchained Themes

    Westerns have come a long way since the silent film days and the original western, The Great Train Robbery in 1903. Today, modern technology has allowed westerns to become more thrilling, more daring, and more action packed than ever before, and none of this is more true than for Django Unchained(2012) directed by Quentin Tarantino and the TV show Firefly(2002), created by Joss Whedon. While both embrace new and interesting twists to the genre, both still feature many of the classic themes featured throughout all films in the western genre, including the setting, the characterization, and the essential plot lines. There is something about a western film that makes them so easily identifiable to even the common viewer. The most recurring and iconic conventions used in almost every western ever created is implemented though the mise-en-scene,…

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  • Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    take a concept already established and mold it into a finished product. Once he got his own shows and movies, he was able to apply his own concepts through social performance. Social performance emphasizes the idea that “leaders need to be able to communicate their own vision to others. Skill in persuasion and communicating is essential to do this” (Northouse 50). Conveying his vision was the top priority as both a writer and a director. Since he was so specific with what he wanted and how he…

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  • Grave Of The Fireflies

    the backdrop of war, it is the pretense of pride and glory that obscures the judgment of society from its moral priorities. Grave of the Fireflies is an animated film directed by Isao Takahata that recounts the final moments of two orphaned siblings, Seita and Setsuko, as they struggle to survive the firebombs of Kobe, Japan. Set in a difficult period of war, Takahata's Grave of the Fireflies explores the perversion of moral values when civilians conform to the misconstrued concept of…

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  • The Firefly Hunt Analysis

    Choy and Jun’ichiro Tanizaki, authors of “Red Cranes” and “The Firefly Hunt,” respectively, both write about characters similar in age, personality, and culture; however, the authors take different approaches in developing and presenting their characters to the reader. While their characters share a youthful, energetic, and curious personality, Choy and Tanizaki use several different methods to develop such characters over the course of their stories. While Choy uses Mie’s interactions with…

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  • Firefly Galaxy Research Paper

    The universe is like a game of chance. Of the billions of planets out there, Earth is the only known planet to sustain life. What would life be like on a different planet? Would humans even exist? Would bugs rule the planet? The possible outcomes are endless. The Firefly Galaxy is a spiral galaxy far from the Milky Way Galaxy that contains a solar system, the Phoenix Solar System, favorable for life. In the Phoenix Solar System is the planet Bibea. Bibea is able to sustain life because of its…

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  • The Firefly Hunt Analysis

    Choy’s “Red Cranes” and Jun’ichiro Tanizaki’s “The Firefly Hunt” are two different short stories which center around the idea of a child’s imagination. For Mie, she is a realist. Despite knowing that a red crane is difficult to spot, she continuously searches for it regardless. As for Sachiko, she is an idealistic person. Through her experience finding a firefly, her surroundings are described in a dream-like state. Similar to Sachiko, Mie is extremely…

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  • Grave Of The Fireflies Characteristics

    Raymond Chan 5/31/17 Period 1 Grave of the Fireflies Essay The American firebombing of Japanese cities was a necessary and avoidable part of the war. I agree that it is necessary to firebomb Japanese cities because eventually, we need to stop Japan from invading United States. It is about protecting United States people, not the Japanese. It was a statement to warn Japan to surrender. It was necessary because the United States had a duty to their citizens and they used the atomic bomb to make…

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  • Grave Of The Fireflies Conflict Theory

    Dear, Reader The idea behind this paper is that I, the author am to watch a movie and recognize where three sociological theories are being represented, capture that moment and share it with you the reader In hopes that I learn to have a better understanding of these theory’s and that something in my writing sparks an interest in your mind for them as well. That being said I bring to you. Grave Of The Fireflies Grave of the fireflies is a movie produced by the animation company “Studio Ghibli”…

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  • Grave Of Fireflies And Barefoot Gen Essay

    Grave of Fireflies and Barefoot Gen are two famous anime dramas that depict the grave effects that World War II had on Japan. The devastations felt by the Japanese people after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are seen through the eyes of young children as they provide for their surviving family members. Each drama illustrates autobiographical journeys through the trials and tribulations of war. Throughout this paper I will analyze the two protagonists, similarities and differences between…

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  • Yoko Ota Fireflies Imagery

    “Fireflies”, by Yoko Ota uses vivid imagery, which plays a significant role in this short story. These images are depicted that the readers obtain a sense of feeling that as if all of the events and objects described in this short story are actually happening to them. Ota captures and writes about others experiences after the bombing in Hiroshima by gathering her information and observing the aftermath and affects of what has happened to the people. The story focuses more on certain main images…

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