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  • Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    The entertainment industry is a difficult place to make a living. There is copious amounts of competition and it is easy to crash and burn in such a high-stress workplace. Joss Whedon, famous writer and director, rose to the occasion and has become an icon in his career, specifically for the creation of cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, in recent years, the fan favorite The Avengers. Whedon has created numerous amounts of television shows, comic books, and movie scripts since the beginning of his young career, each building his knowledge of the industry and his own capabilities that would eventually transform him into the leader that he is today. Whedon accomplished his projects by exhibiting dominant tendencies about the work being done while still coaching his workers and encouraging them to become a bigger part of each project, all of which was accomplished due to his social performance and ability to take a concept and mold it into a final product. When Whedon’s first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was picked up, he was both writing and directing each episode with the help of his fellow writers. During the first season, he created an atmosphere that said that he may be the big boss, but he still wanted to make everyone happy and comfortable in their work environment. However, this country-club management he began with, a style “that creates a positive climate by being agreeable, eager to help, comforting and uncontroversial,” quickly transformed into slow…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Dollhouse

    The Dollhouse (Short stories go in quotations) Autumn Oldaker I want a tiny doll to add to my collection, and I will take her while dressed in scrubs strolling the halls of a hospital. Today there is a variety of girls to choose from. As I explore the halls of the hospital, I fancy the infants because I have never had one that young. I explore the maternity wing in search of my new doll. I enter a room labeled 121 and a radiant baby girl lies in a woman’s arms. The glow of her skin…

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  • Miriam Scarro's Dollhouse

    In order to understand Dollhouse by Miriam Schapiro, one should analyze each room on level one to better understand the different roles that has been assigned to women by society as a housewife. The Kitchen, which is located on the first floor and right side of the house, depict woman’s role as a submissive housewife. In the room, there are some symbols that enhance the sentiment and pictured how woman is trapped in the house, for example, the clock in the room, and the ten men figures that is…

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  • Katherine Mansfield The Dollhouse Analysis

    very peak. The peak of the pyramid is usually the point of emphasis to the eye. The base represents the high amount of people in the lower class, while the peak represents the low amount of people in the highest class. The people in the lower classes reap no benefits and get little to no attention, while the upper classes thrive on the incentives and attention that that status is given. Even though the lower classes carry the burdens of the higher ones, without its wide base, the pyramid would…

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  • Oedipus The King And A Dollhouse Analysis

    Drama Paper: Oedipus the King and A Dollhouse `There are many characteristics that go into creating a good tragedy. A tragedy, in Aristotle 's view, “arouses the powerful emotions of pity and fear, and, through the experience of the drama, bring about a “proper purgation” or purification of these emotions” (1028). According to Aristotle, there are many characteristics that a tragedy will contain, such as: the “representation of a single major action” (1029), “appropriate diction and song”…

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  • Dollhouse Paul's Case Analysis

    Socio-Economic Slavery “Dollhouse” and “Paul’s Case” explore the desire of people to stay in their “rightful” place on the socioeconomic ladder. Both pieces of literature show what people will hide from the world to maintain a perfect front for the world to view upon and admire. Yet, there’s always that underlying conflict underneath that perfect smile. Both this song and story broach a seclusive topic: the two faces to a person. Both “Dollhouse” and “Paul’s Case” use contrasting examples of…

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  • A Dollhouse By Henrik Ibsen: Play Analysis

    A DollHouse is a play about a married couple named Nora and Torvald Helmer. In the beginning of the play Nora and Torvald seem to be a normal couple who love each other. As the play continues, information begins to unravel about their history. Torvald became very sick a few years ago and the doctor said the only thing that would cure him was a trip to the south. The only problem with that was Nora and Torvald did not have the money to fund a whole year in Italy. Behind Torvald’s back Nora…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Isolation In The Dollhouse By Henrik Ibsen

    Now and again it takes time to realize one’s true priorities. Although the truth comes out, people do not always do something about it. In Henrik Ibsen’s Dollhouse , Nora Helmer must face the fact that her husband, Torvald Helmer, has not always been himself. Torvald throughout the play says things that keep Nora around, Nora thinks it is because he loves her, but essentially it is to keep the image of their marriage. Torvald has said things such as, "I have often wished that you might be…

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  • Doll House

    Not many artists can create a song that has a great tune and catchy lyrics, while also being somewhat dark, but Melanie Martinez's Dollhouse is all of this and much more. Dollhouse was Melanie Martinez's debut song after competing in The Voice. It mostly has an AABB rhyme, with outlying lines that have no rhyme throughout the song. Dollhouse talks about a young girls dollhouse and its inhabitants, a perfect-seeming family with many issues. The song is narrated by the daughter in the family of…

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  • Mabou Mines Production Analysis

    Mabou Mines’ production of Dollhouse captured my attention and introduced me to a new way of thinking about creative theatre. The production showed me a portrayal of theatrical text that stretched artistic boundaries in a way to captivate audience members throughout the entire production. This production made me angry, laugh, feel disturbed, and many other emotions all under three hours. A truly incredible performance can make an audience member feel many emotions, especially emotions that they…

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