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  • What It Takes To Be A Firefighter

    Being a Firefighter is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. This job is mainly about protecting your community during tense situations including house and building fires. This job also consists of helping promote an environment of public safety. Some things Firefighters do is treating sick or injured people, find and rescue victims in burning buildings, drive firetrucks and other emergency vehicles. The high school courses i should take in order to be a firefighter…

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  • Firefighter Union Research Paper

    - The strength of firefighter unions Total Words in this Document: 902 Title: Five Reasons Why Firefighters Need a Strong Union The benefits and protection given to firefighters by their local union are crucial for the success of departments and their employees who serve their communities. Here are five key reasons why a strong union is essential to today’s firefighters. 1. Guaranteed Safety and Fair Pay Before the first firefighter union was established in 1918, firefighters were not treated…

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  • Firefighters: A Short Story

    caused the car to pop up, slip, and roll over on its back while crashing into a wall. There were sirens everywhere while an inferno grew from the car. A firefighter, Jeff Charles, was able to save the girl, Angie, and the father, Christopher, but then as he went with the mom, the entire car exploded. The outcome of that crash and fire led to the firefighter 's death, the mom’s death, and Angie going blind. ---- 2008-Daniel was walking home after school and bumps…

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  • Being A Firefighter Research Paper

    capabilities that a professional must have in his mental and physical arsenal to save lives whilst risking his own. Sometimes being a firefighter is not always you getting to complete a search and rescue operation, or having to defuse an insanely large hazard incident that could affect every living organism or person within its hazard range and being a huge hero. Being a firefighter is about selflessly risking your life for someone who can be saved, not rushing in and trying to fix an impossible…

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  • Healthy Firefighters: Article Analysis

    In 2015, 51% of firefighter line-of-duty fatalities were caused by sudden cardiac death. This is a staggering static that exemplifies the importance of health and nutrition within the career. Firefighters are well known for having poor eating habits, some say it’s due to the nature of the job which includes shift work and sleep deprivation, which can lead to unhealthy lifestyles. “Research that shows most firefighters get less than the recommended 150 min of moderate to high-intensity exercise…

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  • Firefighter Warning Signs Essay

    Stress Disorder and firefighter suicide Fire department officers that present information on warning signs of suicide and PTSD to their firefighters will reduce the amount of affected firefighters by these two behavior issues each year. Warning signs are designed for family, and coworkers, however, they could also be for friends. Warning signs can just be another tool to protect our firefighters, time is going by so fast that co-workers do not recognize that their fellow firefighter may be…

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  • Personal Narrative: Firefighters

    It all started when I was in about fourth grade. A group of firefighters came to my school for a presentation. I remember vividly an intimidatingly burly fire marshall telling I don’t remember much about it, except that they told each of us that we needed an escape plan in case of a fire. I remember a story my mom had told me many times about a fire that devastated her family when she was a little girl. It made me shake in my shoes. I was a girl with a mission when I went home. After school…

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  • Risk Analysis Of A Firefighter Essay

    of people, the firefighter is there to risk their own life just to save others. They are considered to be the real heroes of the world. Their main duty is to save the life of a civilian and to protect the civilian property. When a firefighter enters the burning building, the first main purpose of him is to save the life of the civilians and then to ensure that less damage is made to the property (Kunadharaju, Smith & DeJoy, 2011). When these two goals are accomplished, the firefighter ensures…

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  • Firefighters In 9/11 Reflection

    attack on the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers by hijackers on United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11, people began to pour out of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers as firefighters rushed in - firefighters whose legacy will never crumble. The article, “Firefighters in 9/11” reads, ‘Firefighters in 9/11” reads, “Firemen, policemen, and many from the army came to help clean up. It took all the men many months to clean up the debris from the terrible day. The men had to deal…

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  • Traits And Characteristics Of An EMT And/Or Firefighter

    Introduction to Emergency Services Personal Traits Essay From the classroom activities describing traits and characteristics that an EMT and/or Firefighter must possess, choose Two characteristics that you feel you possess and why Two characteristics you need to work on, why and how you can improve Every great team you are involved in or are apart of thrives and achieves off of a lot of attributes of someone and what they possess as a person. You will get nowhere as a group if no one…

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