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  • Essay On Bushfires

    occurs? Bushfires are a natural disaster, which can occur naturally or by human activity. It isn’t rare to hear about bushfires occurring especially in summer when it is hot and dry. If there is enough fuel, oxygen and an ignition source it is likely that a fire will build up as these are the supplies it needs. David Packham is a scientist in the bushfire category. He has come up with a theory based on information from what the aboriginals believed about fires occurring. When a fuel source is provided for a fire and the weather suits the condition a fire is likely to occur. Since there are more fires, there is obviously more fuel in the atmosphere. The diagram below identifies what happens when a bushfire…

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  • Prescribed Fire Research Paper

    Prescribed Fire, needed or unneeded? Prescribed fire, the burning of dead or non-living trees, an important subject to people, however, it makes them wonder the perks and downsides of it, but the claim states, should prescribe fire be used, or not needed? Prescribed fire can be important to many people, as a result it can reduce chances of future fires. Prescribed fire can be excellent, for example, it can stop wildfires before they happen. They burn the dead trees which means they can’t catch…

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  • Wildland Fire Mitigation

    While wildfires have been around since the beginning of time, our encroachment into forested areas and dry locations such as southern California requires mitigation to reduce loss of lives and property damage. The most impactful thing I see the communities and individual owners do is vegetation management. There are multiple ways to fight overgrowth of vegetation; prescribed burning, chemical treatments, and mechanical treatments (San Diego County Wildland Fire Task Force Findings and…

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  • Storm King Mountain Fire: The South Canyon Fire

    The South Canyon Fire The South Canyon fire was a major fire that occurred on July 2, 1994, seven miles from a town in Colorado named Glenwood Springs. The fire was on Storm King Mountain and burned about 2,115 acres of land and took 14 lives with it. Some major causes of the fire were high temperatures, droughts throughout that year, and low humidity. This fire caused many families and friends to lose loved ones and changed the way firefighters today fight fires. The fire on Storm King mountain…

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  • Forest Fires In Canada

    Forest fires occur frequently in Canada, in fact, approximately 10,100 fires annually. Forest fires can help replenish the landscape however, they can possibly pose a threat to local communities. For example, the 2011 Slave Lake wildfire had left the town in ashes and caused over 1.8 billion dollars and 4,700 hectares of damage. Wildfires are caused mainly as a result of human impact rather than natural sources such as lightning. Fires should be managed but just to a certain extent, where the…

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  • Natural Hazard Of Bushfires Essay

    Part 1: The natural hazard of Bushfires are a huge hazard in Australia varying from small grass fires to burning hundreds of acres of land bush houses or farms. There are 6 main fire ratings known to the public they are low, high, very high, severe, extreme and code red, there are often sighns in communityies that display these catorgories and tell what the catorgorie rating for the day is. (the fire catorgorie sighn is shown beside). There are also a scale with a type of area and how high and…

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  • Why Do South Australian Bushfires Essay

    Bushfires The picture above show you the place that could happen bushfires. In southern Australia, the danger season that could occur the bushfires is in autumn and summer. For Territory of Northern, spring and winter are the most period which experience of the fire. For southern Queensland and New South Wales, spring and early summer usually are the risky season for bushfires. The major reason which bring the bushfires is the dry climate include with a hot weather. Droughts are other common…

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  • Chile Environment Essay

    water systems of Latin America. Knowledge has been gained about surface and underground water in all the major water basins in the country. How Forest fire in Australia affecting Environment Forest fire have become biggest concern for Australia in recent years causing immense damage to the environment and also increasing the volume of air pollution with no leaps and bound. The most adversely affected was the wild life and soil in a given particular area Wildfires, or bushfires as they are…

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  • William Trutt Black Thursday Analysis

    Just three years after a bush fire left a path of destruction throughout southern Australia. But this wasn’t any bush fire, this was the largest bush fire in recorded history to ever strike civilization (Athenaeum Gallery.1883 p. 3). The fire burned to a crisp nearly a quarter of Victoria, over 5 million hectares. (Bushfires) Leaving in its trail of devastation over one million sheep dead, thousands of cattle killed, and twelve people lost. (Howitt) The Painting “Black Thursday” serves as a…

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  • Fire Service Case Study

    technology, that failing to notify Tesla when there is an evacuation warning from bushfire at-risk areas, so that Tesla can increase the range of vehicles that might be required to evacuate from those areas, that harm may be caused to South Australian owners of Tesla vehicles? There are…

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