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  • In The Firefighter

    closer look. We all know that firefighters wear special protective clothing, commonly referred to as turnout or bunker gear, to help protect themselves from the many elements of a fire. In general terms, this protective equipment is usually the basic forms of a jacket, pants, gloves, helmet and boots, which helps protect from a variety of issues from the temperature of the flames, to the toxic chemicals of whatever is burning every little piece of equipment they wear can help save their life. There are extreme cases where their gear is damaged beyond repair and even as a veteran firefighter you could be forced to get a new set of gear, but in most cases once you become a firefighter you keep the same gear throughout your career. Firefighting is a job every little boy and some girls dream about doing ever since they are old enough to dream. What is better than dressing up and getting on a vehicle that is big and loud, has lights and sirens, and lets us play with water. A firefighter who has been in the field for any amount of time will tell you, experience will save your life. A firefighter’s protective gear tells the story and shows their close calls throughout the career. The more beat up, and worn the gear the more experience they have. Pictures of firemen in gear want to portray men and women, who are mentally and physically able to do the job. Pictures want to portray the men and women in the field that put their gear on, jump on the fire engine,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Firefighter

    In the future I would like to have a family and children. Becoming a firefighter has many advantages to the type of family lifestyle that would be lead. The generous salary and the abundant health benefits are appropriate to support and provide for a family in a comfortable home with a firm foundation of pay. Firefighters have an adequate number of days off that can be spent with the ones they love. These days off, give firefighters time to settle down with a family and also allows them to have…

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  • Firefighter Requirements

    the end of registration because they want the student to be prepared around that time. The academy does not want applicants filling out the application on their twenty ninth birthday because by the time the student finishes the classes he or she will reach the maxed out age limit to be a firefighter (Information on Firefighting). Lifting heavy amounts of weight while firefighting and while training to be a firefighter is a major requirement. It is suggested to be able to “[...] lift as much as…

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  • Firefighting

    Firefighting is not only about fighting fires. In fact, most of a firefighter’s day is spent at the firehouse. Most firefighters work 24 hour shifts. They go to work at 7:00 in the morning and leave at 7:00 the next day. They have a lot to do. First on their list is to check that all the equipment is working. A firefighter does not want to get to a fire and find out that there is a leak in the hose! Fire fighters also spend time in training every day. Firefighters do a lot more than just fight…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Social Work Experience

    Prior to starting my higher education journey as a Youth and Community Work at University of East London (UEL) I had 5 year experience working in the social care sector. The majority of my experience was working with adults and families. I had also completed an Access to Social work course in Lewisham College, which provided me with some theoretical knowledge on services that support, empower and inform citizens. I then embarked on to a on to a BA Social work degree at the Brunel University. I…

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  • Queensland Youth Services Case Study

    Queensland Youth Services (QYS) Queensland Youth Services (QYS) is a community based organisation that was established in 1978, operating in the Townsville region. QYS is the largest agency operating in the Townville area with a specific focus on youth. QYS offers a wide range of services and programs to young people between the ages of 12 and 25. While QYS is a not for profit, non-government organisation, many of the programs offered by the agency are funded by the State and Federal…

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  • Youth Theatre

    Youth Theatre is defined by the National Association Youth Drama 2014 as ‘a safe place that supports young people by using group or ensemble drama approaches. Contributing to the artistic, personal and social development of young people through their commitment and voluntary participation ‘. Therefore Youth theatre groups promote different approaches, which have equivalent focuses such as the development of theatre skills or personal development in order to provide beneficial educational values.…

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  • The Credibility Of Technology And Media

    In a land of unfair systems, broken spirits, lost minds, and fading attention, there are unintended influential persons following behind. Want to know what gives these people the right to be superior? It’s the fact that they’re as what was referred to earlier as a “person”. No credit given, because they are told they can’t have any. No chance to shoot into the hoop of their own future, because they acknowledge the words of the closest, which is dribbling negativity into their court and among…

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  • Dólares De Arena Movie

    Film Analysis: Dólares de Arena The film by filmmakers Israel Cardenas and Laura Amelia Guzaman Dólares de Arena was released in 2014 and features Noeli (Yanet Mojica) as the main character. The fairly attractive young Dominican woman, Noeli is improvised. She lives in a hut with her boyfriend Yeremi (Ricardo Ariel Torbio). Her life seems very relaxed as she hangs out with and hustles white tourist on the beaches of the Dominican Republic. Her main conflict is her class and by consequence her…

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  • Caribbean Pleasure Industry Summary

    Caribbean Pleasure Industry: Tourism, Sexuality, and AIDs in the Dominican Republic, by Mark Padilla, explores the social and economic effects of the Dominican Republic’s dependency on the tourism industry, particularly as they relate to male sex workers. The abundance of opportunity in the tourism industry—as opposed to the lack thereof in, per se, agriculture—all but forces migration of the middle class and the poor to urban areas, where they can easily access popular tourist destinations,…

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