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  • NFPA/1041 Training Program

    The fire service is all about serving the community. We respond to calls in the community where people have taken risk, whether it was intentional or not. Taking risk is part of the job and it is important to take these risk with all the necessary safety precautions and training in place. There are two key agencies which influence fire department training; Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Nation Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Unlike NFPA which issues guidelines,…

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  • 9/11 Descriptive Writing

    In No Fireman at Ground Zero This 9/11, Michael Burke brings forth the issue of fireman and first responders no longer being honored at ground zero on 9/11. Burke states that not honoring the fireman and first responders who sacrificed their life on 9/11 is atrocious. These most honorable service man deserve to be recognized for their efforts they displayed on 9/11. To bring across the message writing styles such as descriptive sentences, diction, pathos, and ethos are used. Initially,…

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  • Fire Department Research Paper

    Dekalb County Fire Department Firefighters have been needed since the beginning of time. Over time fire departments have been improving their strategies every day for the safety of their men and women. I am going to discuss the history, careers, vehicles and equipment, and the hiring process for the Dekalb County Fire Department. The first recorded organized firefighting service dates to the Roman Republic in the first century BC. Since then the evolution of firefighting has changed…

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  • Foam Is Better Than Water Essay

    Fire?” As time passes, new technology and procedures come out to enhance safety and make things more effective to provide the greatest convenience for humans. Using foam to fight fire is one of many new and ingenious technologies to do so for the firefighter. There are many new things that are coming out to ensure that all first response personnel are ready for what they face. Foam is the next big leap to safer and efficient firefighting tactics. Class A foam and Compressed Air Foam Systems are…

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  • Chicago Fire Research Paper

    night’s fire. When Mathias looked back and saw actual flames, he tried to determine where they were coming from, when he thought he knew where they were he had his assistant strike box 342 and sent the firefighters to the wrong place, almost a mile away from the fire. By the time the firefighters saw the actual fire and were able to get there it was already out of control. Also, due to the gusty winds the fire rapidly…

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  • Causes Of Earthquake In Alaska

    still continuing repairs. Residents have returned home after the tremor. More repairs have to be done to make sure there are no concentrations of natural gas in the area, as explained by Natural Gas Utility Enstar Spokesperson Lindsay Hobson. Firefighters responded to numerous reports of gas odors, alarm systems sounding and broken water lines. Local residents and tourists were in shock and got the whole town talking. When the town of Anchorage started to tremble on Sunday morning,…

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  • Case Study: House Fire At 123 Street N.

    comes in your heart starts pounding and adrenaline is flowing. Six firefighters went into a structure alive and came out dead. One will discuss the major problems, potential solutions and recommendations to correct the problems. Some major problems that was observed were inadequate knowledge of building structure, lack of communication and lack of accountability. Did the incident commander (IC), know they were six firefighters in the structure, if so, was the IC aware of their location.…

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  • Plaintiff Log Case Study

    unfortunate campfire event that accidentally injured Lehua Ching (“Plaintiff” or “Mrs. Ching”), park ranger in her line of duty and he should not be held liable. Also, Defendant argues that Mrs. Ching is a professional rescuer and is barred by the Firefighter rule to seek recovery. Plaintiff Lehua Ching, is a park ranger for Kualoa State Park located in Kaneohe, Hawaii for 7 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in forestry and…

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  • Social Club Case Study

    no intension of ever becoming career members they wanted to help the community and be part of a social club. This social club worked very well for the city it had 40 volunteers to support their 16 career firefighters .At any given time you had plenty…

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  • Los Angeles Fire Department Research Paper

    pay. Because of their full-time status, firefighters lived in the engine…

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