Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Firefighter

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Jeremiah Gorham
Mrs. Kemmer
Language Arts 3B Period 1
4 February 2015

Black smoke rises high into the sky. The wailing of sirens can be heard throughout the neighborhood. Dozens rushed down the street to the site of the fire. Men and women are pulled from the blaze while many watch in shock. The powerful hoses soon douse the flames. The surrounding crowd applauses and cheers for the heroic few. It was at this moment when I had decided that was what I wanted: to become a firefighter. To help those in desperate need or even to just give a little encouragement is all I really desire. I always found myself entranced by those enormous, red trucks blaring their siren for all to hear. The life of a firefighter was an intriguing one, and one to be discovered for myself. For me, it was an easy career path decision to make. Through deeper study and research, it has become clear that being a firefighter would be my best career choice. Becoming a firefighter requires a
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In the future I would like to have a family and children. Becoming a firefighter has many advantages to the type of family lifestyle that would be lead. The generous salary and the abundant health benefits are appropriate to support and provide for a family in a comfortable home with a firm foundation of pay. Firefighters have an adequate number of days off that can be spent with the ones they love. These days off, give firefighters time to settle down with a family and also allows them to have children of their own to love and to raise, “On the job, you will have a shift that goes for an extensively long time, but those days I get to be with my beautiful wife and my boy are well worth it all” (Lawrie). A firefighting career would not only take place in the public, but in the home as well. As a firefighter one would know the proper precautions needed to keep the family

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